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The next level of the rotunda is
                                                                             devoted to artists of 1970s—Ma-

                                                                             rina Abramovic, Vito Acconci,
                                                                             Ana Mendieta, Bruce Nauman,
                                                                             and Robert Smithson—whose

                                                                             work was deeply influential for
                                                                             many of the artists who emerged
                                                                             during the 1990s.  Following a
                                                                             loose chronological order, the
                                                                             installation next includes work

                                                                             by artists whose careers began
                                                                             at the end of the 1970s.  Many of
                                                                             these artists, including Christian

                                                                             Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Fischli/
                                                                             Weiss, Ann Hamilton, Robert
                                                                             Mapplethorpe, Annette Messa-
                                                                             ger, and Cindy Sherman, utilize
                                                                             photography to explore issues of

                                                                             memory, voyeurism, and embo-
                                                                             died experience.  The next level
                                                                             features a group of photographs

                                                                             by artists who studied with con-
                                                                             ceptual photographers Bernd and
         William kentridge
                                                                             Hilla Becher: Elger Esser, Andreas
         STILL FROM FELIx IN ExILE, 1994
         35  MM  ANIMATED  COLOR  FILM,  TR ANSFERRED  TO  VIDEO   Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Jörge Sasse,
         AND L ASER DISC, 00:08:43                             and Thomas Struth.  Also included are photographs
                                                               by Olafur Eliasson, Roni Horn, Gabriel Orozco, and
                                                               Hiroshi Sugimoto, whose lyrical works derive from
                                                               precise conceptual practices.

                                                               The next section focuses on the constructed
                                                               image, featuring artists who create fictional worlds
                                                               or replicate ours with trompe l’oeil exactitude:
                                                               including, in the former category, Matthew Barney,

                                                           sam taylor-Wood
                                                           SOLILOquy III, 1998
                                                           C-PRINT, EDITION 4/6
                                                           83 1/16 x 101 3/16 INCHES  (211 x 257 CM )
                                                           SOLOMON R. GuGGENHEIM MuSEuM, NEW yORK
                                                           PHOTO: DAVID HEALD
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