Page 10 - The Documenta issue of World of Art magazine (2002)
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                                                                             the greeley square gallery is pleased to
                                                                             announce an exhibition by new york born
                                                                             artist  christopher  chambers.  in  recent
                                                                             years his reputation for his writings on
                                                                             art for several international publications
                                                                             has come to equal, perhaps surpass his
                                                                             renown as a painter. in this exhibition he
                                                                             unites these two avenues of expression:
                                                                             “jabberwocky”  prose  loosely  scrawled
                                                                             across the walls of the gallery underscores
                                                                             the visual imagery of the canvases hung
                                                                             sporadically about the gallery. the title of
                                                                             the display, “metatext” refers to the internet
                                                                             terminology for the verbal signposts that
                                                                             drive search engines in much the same
                                                                             way that chambers’ free-rambling verse
                                                                             points  to  the  psychologically  charged
                                                                             musings  that  lie  behind  his  creative
                                                                             process,  both  concrete  in  imagery  yet
                                                                             abstract in thought.

                                                                             the exhibition will consist of canvases
                                                                             ranging in scale from the size of a small
                                                                             coffee table book to several larger pieces
                                                                             that barely fit between the floor and ceiling
                                                                             of the newly revamped exhibition space.
                                                                             the  greeley  square  gallery  is  located
                                                                             in  the “off  chelsea”  midtown  area  of
                                                                             manhattan that borders on the Flatiron
                                                                             district to the south and times square to
                                                                             the north. the gallery’s program focuses
                                                                             on new and emerging artists working in a
                                                                             variety of media including but not limited
                                                                             to: performance, photography, installations,
                                                                             sculpture, painting and drawing.
                        GREELEY SQUARE GALLERY

                         32 WEST 31ST STREET 2ND FLOOR NEW YORK CITY 10001

                         212 868 6610 …… GSGART@AOL.COm

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