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Moving Pictures is drawn from the
                                                                                   Guggenheim Museum’s permanent

                                                                                collection, which has been dramatically
                                                                                    augmented during the last decade
                                                                                through alliances with the Guggenheim
                                                                                    Museum Bilbao and the Deutsche

                                                                                 Guggenheim Berlin, as well as through
                                                                                 major acquisitions and gifts, including
                                                                                   the Panza Collection of Minimal and
                                                                                Conceptual art in the early 1990s, a gift

                                                                                 from the Mapplethorpe Foundation in
                                                                                  1993, which launched the museum’s
                                                                                  concentrated foray into photography,
                                                                               and most recently a gift from the Bohen

                                                                                   Foundation collection in 2001.  Also
                                                                                featured are purchases and gifts made
                                                                               by the Guggenheim’s acquisition groups,
                                                                                  including the International Director’s

                                                                              Council, the Photography Committee, and
                                                                                the young Collector’s Council.  Many of
                                                                              the works presented in the exhibition are
                                                                                on view at the Guggenheim for the first


                                                                              The exhibition begins on the rotunda floor
                                 rineke dijkstra
                                                                                 with an important installation by Nam
                                 ODESSA, uKR AINE, AuGuST 4, 1993, 1993
                                 C-PRINT, A.P. 2/2, EDITION OF 6               June Paik, one of the first artists to work
                                 56 x 44 INCHES  (142.2 x 111.8 CM )
                                                                              with video.  This installation is followed by
                                 SOLOMON R. GuGGENHEIM MuSEuM, NEW yORK
                                 PHOTO: ELLEN L ABENSKI                       an introductory section in the High Gallery
                                                                                   and on the first ramp that examines

                                                                              unexpected ways in which contemporary
                                                                                     artists have utilized reproducible
                                                                                mediums.  This section includes a large
                                                                              environmental installation by Kara Walker

                                                                               of black paper silhouettes and projected
                           gaBriel orozco                                      layers of color as well as Felix Gonzalez-
                           BALL ON WATER ( PELOTA EN AGuA), 1994
                                                                                     Torres’s photographic billboard of
                           CIBACHROME PRINT, A.P. 1/1, EDITION OF 5
                           15 7/8 x 19 7/8 INCHES (40.3 x 50.5 CM )                              footprints in sand.
                           SOLOMON R. GuGGENHEIM MuSEuM, NEW yORK
                           PHOTO: ELLEN L ABENSKI

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