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Moderna Museet c/o Waldemarsudde

            Prince Eugene’s input as a collector of art was unique. He
            collected contemporary art, and  even if this might seem
            natural to us this was not the case in Prince Eugene’s
            days. The Prince  was also highly involved in the thought
            of creating a Swedish museum for modern art, and he
            donated a number of works to the National gallery, works
            that today belong to Moderna  Museet.

            At the exhibition Moderna Museet c/o Waldemarsudde
            international  Modernism  from    Moderna  Museet’s   MODERN MUSEUM
            collection will meet works from the Prince’s collection of
                                                                                    c/o Waldemarsudde
            Swedish and  Nordic Modernism.
            Prince Eugene’s art collecting, which covers a period of                              stockholm
            60 years, was mostly focused on his  own period. It was
            during his study days in Paris 1887-89 that Prince Eugene
            bought the first  works that would form his collection.                             28.9 - 16.2 2003
            works by Hugo Birger and Per Ekström. When his  home
            at Waldemarsudde was completed 1905 the collection
            began to grow. At an early stage the Prince made clear
            that he would focus foremost on Swedish and Nordic art.
            French artists dominate among the non-Nordic countries
            represented. In the collection works by members of the art
            union, academicians, pupils of Matisse and artists of the
            New Objectivity as well as more expressive painters exist
            next to predecessors of a more naivistic and Romanian
            temperament. The young Swedish artists of the 1930-40s              constantín Br ancusi
            are also represented. Some international Modernism can              the neW Born ii 1919 - 1921
            be found, if only in small but important numbers, examples          Belongs to moderna museet
            are works by Robert Delaunay, André Derain, André Lhote
            and Pablo Picasso. Waldemarsudde therefore sees it as a
            great opportunity to complement their almost complete
            Swedish-Nordic collection with a number of tops of the
            art works by non-Nordic artists from Moderna Museet’s

            The  chosen  works  from  Moderna  Museet’s  collection
            have their starting point in Prince Eugene’s purchases of
            Swedish art. What impulses reached the Swedish artists,
            what did they take to their hears? But most important of
            all – what kind of art did they meet in France, in Germany
            and at exhibitions in Sweden?

            With this exhibition Waldemarsudde aims to present some
            of the impulses and impressions that reached Swedish
            artists from abroad, as well as highlight what could be
            seen in Sweden at the same time. The chosen works are
            therefore, whit some exceptions, works that have been in
            governmental museum’s collections prior to 1947 when
            the Prince passed away. From Moderna Museet some
            of the collections most appreciated works are shown,
            Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Sonia Delaunay, Henri
            Matisse, Paule Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Fernand Léger
            among others.

            Curator Group: Hans Henrik Brummer, Christina Wistman
            and Göran Söderlund
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