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                                                                    WORLD of ART

                                                                    CONTEMPORAR Y AR T  MAGAZINE
                                                                              ISSN 1404-3408 | ISSUE 8  VOLUME 2 2019

                                                                  EDITOR AND PUBLISHER  PETRU RUSU  | FINE ARTIST
                                                                                 ISSN 1404-3408 QUARTERLY
                                                                     DESIGN DIRECTOR  ANDRE RUSU  |  BEYOND SILENCE
                                                                 STYLE AND CORRECTIONS  MARLIE BURTON-ROCHE  |  CALGARY
                                                                  PRODUCTION DIRECTOR  ÅKE WALLEN  |  BIRGER GUSTAFSSON
                                                                  STOCKHOLM EDITORIAL  WORLD OF ART  |
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  MÖRBYLUND 19 /9 SE 182 30 STOCKHOLM
                                                                                 EMAIL: INFO@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                    LONDON EDITORIAL  WORLD OF ART  |  WOA  |  MOT
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  304  CORNELL BLD, LONDON E1 1ER
                                                                                 EMAIL: PUBLISHING@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                   NEW YORK EDITORIAL  CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  187 LAFAYETTE ST 4TH FL, NY, NY 10013
                                                                                 EMAIL: INFO@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                            LEGAL  ANDREAS OLSON INFO@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                        TYPOGRAPHY  VECTORA & SABON  |  PRINTED ON SILK GLOSS PAPER
                                                                          PRINTING  BOOKS & CATALOGUES LTD
                                                                        DISTRIBUTION  INGRAM PERIODICALS  |  NORTH AMERICA
                               la Biennale di Venezia  Interesting    MAILING AGENT  E-MAIL:UBIQUITYDIST@YAHOO.COM
                                                                                 E-MAIL: KRYSTAL.WENZLICK@INGRAMPERIODICALS.COM
                                 May You
                                                                                 UBIQUITY DISTRIBUTORS  |  USA
                                 Live In

                                                                                 SELECTAIR DISTRIBUTION SERVICES  |  AUSTRALIA
                                                                                 GORDON & GOTCH  |  NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                 MERCURY INTERNATIONAL  |  UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                        FIRST COVER
                                                                                 HANDIWIRMAN SAPUTRA: MENAHAN LETAKAN DI
                                 Art Exhibition
                                                                        BACK COVER
                                                                                 ALEX DA CORTE: RUBBER PENCIL DEVIL.
                                                                                 NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED,
                                                                   ALL RIGHT RESERVED  BAWAH SANGKUTAN (HOLDING BASE BELOW HOOK)
                                                                                 STORED IN A RETRIEVAL SYSTEM OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY
                                                                                 FORM OR BY ANY MEANS, ELECTRONIC, PHOTOGRAPHING
                                                                                 OR OTHERWISE, WITHOUT THE PRIOR PERMISSION OF THE
                                                                                 PUBLISHER AND COPYRIGHT OWNER. HOWEVER, WORLD OF
                                                                                 ART IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS.
                                                                         MADE IN EU  WORLD OF ART MAGAZINE IS A HIGH QUALITY
                                                                                 PUBLICATION WITH A FLAWLESS DESIGN AND INCLUDING
                                                                                 A SELECTION OF MOST NOTABLE CONTEMPORARY
                                                                                 ART THAT OFFERS MAXIMUM VIEWS FOR FINE ARTISTS
                                                                                 THROUGH PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION.

                                                                                 WORLD OF ART IS A SMART OPPORTUNITY TO
                                                                                 PROFESSIONALLY PRESENT YOUR ARTWORK AMONG
                                                                                 A MILIEU OF REMARKABLE ARTISTS, TO GAIN ONLINE
                                                                                 PUBLICITY AND GROW SALES.
                                                                                 THE MAGAZINE SPECIFICATIONS: A4 SIZE, ISSN 1404-
                                                                                 3408, 120+ PAGES MUSEUM QUALITY. THE MAGAZINE
                                                                                 ELECTRONIC VERSION EBOOK IS PROVIDED BY EMAIL
                                                                                 TO OVER 120,000 ART RESOURCES, SUBSCRIBERS AND
                                                                                                     WORLD of ART       9
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