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of the element groups in the middle of the periodic table?   forms (L-amino acids). Animate beings composed of proteins
         There is carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O). Their   in the D-form of amino acids would have – theoretically
         “trick” is, they form a bond together with a partner – each   – been equally likely in my opinion and are probably
         providing an electron which belongs to both of them – the   implemented on 50% of all habitable earths in the universe!
         “covalent” bond; a nice deal, since both partners thus
         manage to achieve a shell of 8 electrons.            Back to earth. The fact that all beings on earth use the same
                                                              modules to build their nucleic acids (= genes), proteins, etc.
         Let us now turn to carbon (C). Why? C is the core element   tells me that the development of the first beings on our
         for any type of life wherever it will be possible in the   planet was a singularity: singular in time as well as in place.
         universe, with its billions of suns orbited by planets. Some   (However, there is no reason for me to believe that some
         of them are within habitable distance from their host star,   God’s “finger” was involved in the process. The potential of
         meaning the water on them is permanently liquid, which is   the element carbon is absolutely sufficient to do this.)
         an essential precondition for the development of life.
                                                              Thus, the biological SOMETHING was created, our world with
         What is the reason? The C atom has 4 electrons in its outer   all of the modalities (types and modes of any existence)
         shell and can therefore form covalent bonds with 4 other   perceivable by us human beings: space, time, gravity, light,
         atoms. Likewise, C atoms can bond to each other: thus,   matter etc. From the perspective of humankind, these are
         chains and rings of C atoms are formed which enables other   rather external modalities which we perceive as given.
         atoms (very frequently this will be hydrogen) to be attached   In addition to these, we also see internal modalities such
         to them at their free valences. The element silicon (Si), which   as the anatomy and physiology of our body, its gene
         is listed in the same vertical group, will also form a chain   composition, structures of our mind and feeling, our
         structure with other silicon atoms in certain conditions,   conscience, societal constraints, rituals, taboos, one’s EGO,
         but a combination of Si and oxygen produces the insoluble,   self-confidence, etc.
         very hard mineral named “quartz” (SiO2). In contrast to
         this, the combination of carbon and oxygen, assuming   Every human being is born to the world without being asked.
         habitable conditions, in the form of CO2 is a GAS and thus   The human being realizes its modalities, adapts to them,
         the substrate of photosynthesis among hydrocarbons and   lives in them, frequently without even becoming aware of
         supplier for any other carbon compounds of organisms.  their constraints. But often humans step out of their daily
                                                              routine, become active in other areas of occupation, distract
         These 4 free valences of C are also able to bond with   themselves, relax, perform sports, listen to music, enjoy a
         4 different atoms in a covalent manner. In such a case,   hobby, etc., meaning they free themselves, in my opinion,
         chirality is created, meaning molecules of mirror-image   temporarily and partially from the constraints and the
         build. In the context of a-biogenic chemical synthesis, which   “confinement” of unchangeable modalities of being.
         was necessary in order to provide the building blocks for
         any beginning of life on a habitable planet, two mirrored   And this is where my life as a visual artist comes into play.
         molecules (referred to as L=Levo- and D= Dextro-) are   In my contribution to this catalog, I wrote a Critical Essay
         created at the same ratio (so-called racemates). In terms   where I claim:
         of proteins, which are important biogenic macromolecules   “The work of visual artists is the product of the artist’s
         in all animate beings on our planet, it is important to know   attempt to liberate himself from being coerced and trapped
         that they consist of merely one of the two possible molecule   by the modalities of human existence by working creatively.”

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