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modern tate LoNdoN

             Max BeckMann

                                                                               tate modern
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                        IntroductIon                                        BeckMann

                                                                            12.02.03 - 05.05.03
                        max beckmann is widely acknowledged as one of
                        germany’s leading twentieth-century artists. a figurative
                        painter throughout his career, beckmann depicted
                        the world around him with an unparalleled intensity.
                        his work emerges directly from his experiences of the   thIs exhIbItIon Is a

                        first and second world wars, the political upheavals   coLLaboratIon betWeen
                        of the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of nazism, exile in   tate modern, London,
                        amsterdam and his final emigration to the united states.   the museum oF modern art
                                                                            neW york and musée georges
                        by capturing the objects and events that surrounded
                                                                            PornPIdou, ParIs.
                        him, beckmann hoped to grasp the deeper mysteries
                        underlying human existence. he perceived and painted
                                                                            the London PresentatIon Was
                        the world as a vast stage, at once real and magical, upon   curated by sean raInbIrd, senIor
                        which his own life and the traumas of contemporary   curator tate.

                        history were closely intertwined.
                                                                            text by susanne bIeber, assIstant

                        beckmann continuously engaged with new artistic     curator tate modern.

                        developments and was eager to compete with his
                        peers. however, he refused to join any movement or

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