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soLomon r. guggenheIm MuseuM

                                                                                      New York

         “we are extremely pleased to present the work of pierre   hugo boss PrIze
         huyghe, the 2002 winner of the hugo boss prize,” said
         thomas krens, director, solomon r. guggenheim museum.   Pierre HuygHe
         ‘through his remarkable body of work, which includes film,
         photography, video, sound, computer animation, sculpture,
         design, and architecture, huyghe examines the narrative   PrIze WInner’s exhIbItIon Features FILm
         structures of popular culture and the relationships between   InstaLLatIon and scuLPture
         fiction and reality, memory and history.”

         “for me, art signifies innovation, creativity, and   an exhIbItIon oF the Work oF French artIst
         cosmopolitanism in its true sense,” said bruno sälzer,
         chairman and ceo of hugo boss ag. “i am extremely    PIerre huyghe, the WInner oF the hugo boss
         pleased to honor pierre huyghe, whose work embodies the   PrIze 2002, WILL oPen at the soLomon r.
         spirit of ingenuity that this award seeks.”
                                                              guggenheIm museum on January 24, 2003. the
                                                              exhIbItIon WILL Present tWo Works, a FILm
         huyghe has gained international prominence over the past   InstaLLatIon Les grands ensembLes (2001) and
         five years for his extraordinary works that explore the   a scuLPture L ‘exPedItIon scIntILLante, act II:
         convergence of reality and fiction, memory and history, and
         their relationship to various modes of cultural production.
         incorporating a range of media, in his diverse works, the
         artist intervenes in various familiar narrative structures to   untItLed (LIght shoW) (2002). the exhIbItIon
         investigate the construction of collective and individual
         identities. the artist is interested in both reading and   WILL be InstaLLed In the toWer 2 annex
         making possible multiple, subjective reinterpretations of the   gaLLery through may 4,2003.
         incidents and images that shape our realities. through such
         “re-translations,” huyghe offers a way for his characters and
         his viewers to retake control of their own image, their own
         story.                                               thIs exhIbItIon Is sPonsored by hugo boss ag.

         for the guggenheim exhibition, huyghe presents two
         works, a film installation les grands ensembles (2001)
         and a sculpture l ‘expedition scintillante: act ii: untitled
         (light show) (2002). both works address alternative modes
         of representation and communication. in les grands
         ensembles a pair of bleak buildings, models based on 1970s
         french housing projects, enacts a subtle inanimate drama.
         enveloped in a snowy fog, the uninhabited scene is both
         romantic and alienating. “these subsidized public projects
         ended up being an architectural and social failure,” explains
         huyghe. “they were a corruption of le corbusier’s social
         and architectural modernist theory.” these nondescript
         structures were conceived as temporary, but have remained,
         though somewhat invisibly. huyghe brings the buildings
         into view and gives them agency. “without beginning or
         ending, the two, low-income towers dialogue in a strange
         morse code given by the light of their respective windows, a
         blinking existence,” huyghe continues.

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