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                by Andrea Pagnez

         noT only for The arT

             oday,  in  artistic  and  poetic  activities  in  gener4l,  i  think  it  is   erhaps,  too  pretextly,  contemporary  art  abusing  metaphors
             absolutely necessary to retrace past paths again; from a strictly   even  if  ripe  with  undoubtful  evocative  values),  has  focused
         tobjective  and  not  a  deliberate  subjective  point  of  view. only   Pits  effort  on  finding  the  most  suitable  symbol.  But  symbols  -
         in this way is it possible to express the complexity of our time. the   apart  from  a  few  involuntary,  sporadic  cases  -  can’t  be  configured
         importance of recovering the concepts of “place” and “continuity”,   as autonomous objects.
         the necessity of historiographical revision - avoiding any cult of trend
         and tendency - will produce a vital, synergetic development and a   oday,  in  contemporary  art,  the  tragic  sedimentation  of  signs,
         straightening in whatever the artistic expression.       words, objects, its addition to something that is totally contrary to
                                                              twhat it really is and being less, is due to the fact that art seems
           deologists subdued by the concept of “progress” (material, intellectual,   to become a perfect surrogate of fiction, an analogical simulation of
           etc.) have partly increased a sense of “uncomfortablness” in the   imitation. rather than conceiving forms and images, we presumptuously
         ihuman condition. the results of this progress have contributed to   give form to ideas!, we communicate a sense or a meaning, without
         the destabilization of man. he is no longer able to find his own center   having  previously  understood  its  content,  or,  worse  still,  without
         (both socially or individually) within reality. he is constantly conditioned   having previously singled it out.
         to achieve accumulation, to acquire wealth, to pursue arid careers
         etc. - not only for economic safeness but mostly, to affirm his own   ithin this progressive exhalation of the artifice, concepts are
         identity  consequently  he  has  lost  a  certain  sense  of  profound   deprived  from  their  substantial  dynamically,  consequently
         aesthetic  pleasure.  he  wrongly  tries  to  find  his  own  legitimacy   Wand  inevitably  producing,  an  affected  effect,  rather  than
         exteriorly,  but  doesn’t  find  it  due  to  a  consumistic  system  solidly   the  necessary  debates  and  participation. What  should  evolve  will
         founded  on  deprivation:  a  necessary  assumption  needed  for  its   subsequently devolve.
         surviving and affirmation.

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