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                the MuseuM of ModeRn aRt in new YoRK

                MoMA Meets ModernA 1960-2000

                                                    in this summer’s big exhibition, resistance , Moderna Museet co-operates
                                                with  the  Museum  of  Modern  art  in  new  York.  the  exhibition  is  based  on  the
                                                MoMa-production: the Path of Resistance, which shows how art has developed as a
                                                political and social force, from the 1960’s till today. the american works are juxtaposed
                                                with works from the Moderna Museet’s collection.

                                                    following world war ii, the conquering usa experienced a decade of success and
                                                confidence. the next decade saw an abrupt end to all of this: the Kennedy murder,
                                                the Vietnam war and the icy -cold relation with the eastern block revealed a gash
                                                in  the  shining  metal  hull  of  society.  the  model  state  was  shown  to  be  corrupt,
                                                chauvinistic and painfully prejudiced.

                                                        the  socially  orientated  art  of  the  60’s  and  70’s  had  put  a  focus  upon  ‘the
                                                message’.  the  images  which  grew  more  distinct  and  poster-like,  were  often
                                                combined with cogent paroles. But reality changes, as do our concepts of “justice”,
                                                “freedom”  and  the “model  state”. within  politics,  the “left”  and “right”  proved  to
                                                be difficult measures of social values.

                                                d uring  the  80’s  and  the  90’s  the  e stablishment  and  other  power  structures
                                                were  questioned  in  a  more  subtle  and  less  confident  mode.  t he  resistance
                                                expressed  itself  more  delicately  as  reality  proved  itself  to  be  less  concrete
                                                and more ethereal.

                                                    during the 80’s artists began using images derived from mass-culture and often
                                                altered their meaning by employing sophisticated methods. artists like cindy sherman
                                                and  Barbara  Kruger  took  the  commercial  message  of  these  images  as  well  as  the
                                                deeply rooted conceptions of race, gender and class. using these, they managed to
                                                scrutinise the fabric of society and ruffle the lay of our hair.
                                                        during  the  90’s  the  circle  is  closed  and  the  aesthetic  viewpoints   of  the
                                                post-war era can again be observed. however the messages has been camouflaged
                                                and the “roots” infiltrated.

                                                                                                       joshua siegel
                                                                                                       co-ordinator at
                                                                                                      Moderna Museet
                                                                                                        david elliott

                                                                                                          david hammons
                                                                                                     African-American Flag 1990

                                                      Modern MuseuM stockholm 19.5-26.8 2001
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