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                                                                    CONTEMPORAR Y AR T  MAGAZINE
                                                                              ISSN 1404-3408 | ISSUE 9  VOLUME 1 20 20

                                                                  EDITOR AND PUBLISHER  PETRU RUSU  | FINE ARTIST
                                                                                 ISSN 1404-3408 | MOMA - THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART
                                                                      BRAND MANAGER  ANDRE RUSU  |  FILM EDITOR AND COLOURGRADER
                                                                 STYLE AND CORRECTIONS  MARLIE BURTON-ROCHE  |  CALGARY
                                                                  PRODUCTION DIRECTOR  ÅKE WALLEN  |  BIRGER GUSTAFSSON
                                                                  STOCKHOLM EDITORIAL  WORLD OF ART  |  WOA
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  MÖRBYLUND 19  SE 182 30 STOCKHOLM
                                                                                 EMAIL: PUBLISHING@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                    LONDON EDITORIAL  WORLD OF ART  |   MASTERS OF TODAY (MOT)
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  304  CORNELL BLD, LONDON E1 1ER
                                                                                 EMAIL: PUBLISHING@MASTERSOFTODAY.COM
                                                                   NEW YORK EDITORIAL  CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS
                                                                    & BUSINESS OFFICE  187 LAFAYETTE ST 4TH FL, NY, NY 10013
                                                                                 EMAIL: INFO@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                            LEGAL  ANDREAS OLSON INFO@WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                        TYPOGRAPHY  VECTORA & SABON  |  PRINTED ON SILK GLOSS PAPER
                                                                          PRINTING  BOOKS & CATALOGUES LTD
                                                                        DISTRIBUTION  INGRAM PERIODICALS  |  NORTH AMERICA
                                                                                 E-MAIL: KRYSTAL.WENZLICK@INGRAMPERIODICALS.COM
                                                                                 UBIQUITY DISTRIBUTORS  |  USA
                                                                                 SELECTAIR DISTRIBUTION SERVICES  |  AUSTRALIA
                                                                                 GORDON & GOTCH  |  NEW ZEALAND
                                                                      MAILING AGENT  MERCURY INTERNATIONAL  |  UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                           ON-LINE  WWW.WORLDOFARTMAGAZINE.COM
                                                                           COVERS  RAINFOREST V (VARIATION 1). 1973/2015. TWENTY
                                                                                 OBJECTS, SOUND. DIMENSIONS VARIABLE. CONCEIVED
                                                                                 BY DAVID TUDOR, REALIZED BY COMPOSERS INSIDE
                                                                                 ELECTRONICS, INC. PHOTO: HEIDI BOHNENKAMP
                                                                   ALL RIGHT RESERVED  NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED,
                                                                                 STORED IN A RETRIEVAL SYSTEM OR TRANSMITTED IN
                                                                                 ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS, ELECTRONIC, PHOTO-
                                                                                 GRAPHING OR OTHERWISE, WITHOUT THE PRIOR PERMIS-
                                                                                 SION OF THE PUBLISHER AND COPYRIGHT OWNER.
                                                                         MADE IN EU  WORLD OF ART MAGAZINE IS A HIGH QUALITY
                                                                                 PUBLICATION WITH A FLAWLESS DESIGN INCLUDING A
                                                                                 SELECTION OF MOST NOTABLE CONTEMPORARY ART,
                                                                                 A SMART OPPORTUNITY TO PROFESSIONALLY PRESENT
                                                                                 YOUR ARTWORK AMONG A MILIEU OF REMARKABLE
                                                                                 ARTISTS, TO GAIN PUBLICITY AND GROW ART SALES.
                                                                                 THE WORLD OF ART MAGAZINE SPECIFICATIONS:
                                                                                 A4 SIZE, ISSN 1404-3408, MUSEUM QUALITY OFFSET
                                                                                 PRINT, 220 PAGES. THE MAGAZINE ELECTRONIC
                                                                                 VERSION E-BOOK IS PROVIDED BY EMAIL TO OVER
                                                                                 140,000 ART RESOURCES, SUBSCRIBERS, COLLECTORS
                                                                                 AND ART ENTHUSIASTS WORLDWIDE.
                                                                                 WORLD OF ART IS A CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE
                                                                                 PUBLISHED AND EDITED BY PETRU RUSU SINCE 1999.

                                                                                                     WORLD of ART       9
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