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Landscape & Bread

Marlie Burton-Roche

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Customer Review by Joe Klancnik
(Vancouver, British Columbia Canada)

Definately not landscape painting

Marlie Burton-Roche is reknowned internationally for both her political activism and her exceptional artwork, but gets undeservedly little press at home. Her art, powerful abstract weddings of what seem to be visceral biology and mettalurgy, is clearly informed by her experiences during her longstanding work for democracy and social justice in El Salvador.

This book contains high quality reproductions of her art created over many years, and focusses on her oils and mixed media pieces. The art is moving and disquieting, as is the text, which describes her experiences in the struggle against the forces of repression and tyrrany.

Both the art and the text have a high intellectual and emotional charge. If Chomsky is on your bookshelf, and Cockburn in your CD player, Burton-Roche belongs on your coffee table.