World of Art (WOA) Contemporary Art magazine, is a strategic tool for marketing, weaving narratives around the magazine, books, and featured artists to pique interest among art collectors, galleries, and museums, thereby promoting art purchases and exhibitions.


WOA’s essence is simple, often leading to expanded requests. It is synonymous with advertorials, including artist portfolios and gallery profiles in contemporary art publications. This concept is adapted by WOA to cater to the needs of modern art marketers. The focus of every publication is not on vanity publishing, but on the target audience - the collectors, galleries, and museums who are less responsive to overtly contemporary art forms like performance, installation, and happening.


WOA nurtures art publishing with a keen focus on the art market – understanding the collectors, galleries, museums, and their interests. With this insight, original art magazines and unique art books are developed, promising content that better attracts and retains the attention of the target audience. The consistent delivery of high-quality magazine and contemporary art book content nurtures relationships with collectors, fostering the identity of the valuable contemporary artist and providing greater access to collectors and galleries. This relationship underpins the value of diverse publishing projects, supported by our international network of bookstores, newsstands, distributors, and contractors.


WOA’s strategy identifies what is distinct and unique in contemporary art, piercing through broad generalizations. Collaboration with each interested artist, gallery, and museum is done to map art content and develop tailored solutions for each publishing project. Enduring relationships are built with more than 6000 artists, galleries, art fairs, and museums. The objective here is affinity. Trust grants access, and that is the power of WOA.


WOA is an artist-run publishing entity in the field of contemporary art, culture, and theory. Close collaboration with artists, galleries, museums, and art institutions is vital, both for commissioned works and initiatives proposed by others. A platform is provided for publishing on subjects of contemporary and topical interest in the field of art and culture. A book is perceived as an alternative medium for artists, both as a visual object and as a way of documenting the artistic process. For every book, a custom plan is created, covering all steps from the initial idea to distribution.


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