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      Open call for artists

Masters Of Today Collective Art Book Series and World of Art are calling artists all over the world to participate in I LOVE ART, a new art book of contemporary art from the artists, a must-have for anyone in the art.


application form

In order to have your work inserted in the book, please download, fill and submit by email the PDF application form above. If you are not able to download and fill the PDF form you can submit all details for review by e-mail.
Please provide by email attachments:
    -   4 digital images of the works, 300 dpi JPGs up to 9 in /22 cm.
     Details of the works (title, year, media, size).
     Up to 200 words (statement, essay or writing).
     The place of residence or work.
     The personal website.

The artists who will be accepted for participation in volume with one-page don't have to pay any fees but, a minimum purchase for 3-copies is required in advance payment terms.

If you want to participate with one-page you must purchase 3-copies for a total of 240 Euro /US$340. If you want to include more pages, you can do so with an additional cost of 190 Euro /US$249 for the additional page.

Accepted artists must provide their payments after receiving the finale layout in the book. Payment by Pay Pal and by direct transfer on account.

The Internal Revenue Service allows professional artists and art galleries to deduct the costs of promoting artwork, including art books and catalogues, as business-related expenses.

related services
The publisher provides all design and placements in the book.
When the book comes out 3 copies are sent to each of the artists included in the volume at the shipping and handling charges based on the delivery option chosen by the artist.
Subject to availability additional copies may be purchased at shipping and handling cost.
BOOK Details
Completely with new artistsí names and work of art produced at the present period in time, I Love Art will include over 200 new entries on contemporary artists around the world with detailed information on artists and art styles.
Well illustrated, the book will document and analyze the contemporary art on a museum quality art book to browse and love.


Hardcover 200+pages, Publisher WOA / MOT, Language English, Size 21x16 cm /8.2x6.4 in., Amazon Best Sellers. First prints run of 25,000 copies. We're also offering the book as a mobi, ePub and PDF to stream directly to our 230,000 subscribers, galleries, museums and art collectors tablets. Presentation at art museums and book fairs.


MOT | Masters of Today Book Series is an exclusive art publishing at WOA with no remit to make profit, all advertising fees go into the creating and basic running costs of the demanding creative art publishing. We provide museum-class publication services to fine artists, art companies, art organizations, and art lovers worldwide. MOT | Today Collective Books Series includes the mixture of over 800 established and emerging arts professionals available to show and collect. In addition to the artists we publish we have many relationships in the art field and we are happy to assist artists in finding their place in art and art history. MOT | | publishing established by artists in London. MOT at Amazon



 - 85% MOT | WOA Collective Art Books Series art lovers actively collect contemporary art.
- 95% of our art lovers visited a gallery or museum after seeing an artist-profile published in MOT | WOA Collective Art Books Series.
- 1 in 4 art lovers purchased a work of art after seeing an artist-profile published in MOT | WOA Collective Art Books Series.


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