Australia Zoja Trofimiuk


1. COUPLE, 1991 bronze 100x80 cm., PREVIEW-TRUST Collection

Rainy torso, 2003 bronze 100x80 cm.,

3. tall voyeur, 2004 graverre technique, glass, 11x15 in. /28x38 cm.

Missing-You, 2002 (from Still-lines series) graverre technique, glass, 11x15 in. /28x38 cm.







Her work is a correspondingly rich mix of the strong geometric shapes which we associate with East European art in recent decades, and a free-spirited, almost mischievous, approach to composition. Underpinning this mix, however, is a thoughtfulness that is rare in all the arts.
Zoja Trofimiuk’s sculpture bears all the hallmarks of an intellect that has thought long and hard about what the purpose of art is. At its best, it is the work of an artist in full maturity, and displays almost breathtaking technical ability. It is always energetic, challenging and provoking the onlooker. It is work of unquestionable and enduring quality.
Her Icarus, however, is somewhat of a contrast. It is a curious, misshapen mass of metal teetering uncertainly on a single feeble pin. An ungainly bloated blob, it seems to be straining absurdly for the heavens, engaged in a clumsy struggle with the inexorable laws of gravity. As a piece, Trofimiuk’s Icarus captures the essential characteristics of this most challenging and talented sculptor. It is culturally informed, skilfully created with a fine eye for balance and energy. It is also a work of mature and slightly subversive humour, if not irony.
Andrew Wilkins, MUSE August 1991, Canberra