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1.- Accablé, 2017, digital art, 94 x120 cm.

2. - Douce attente, 2014, digital art, 98 x120 cm.

3. - La peur, 2017, digital art, 76 x 64 cm.

4. - Le secret, 2014, digital art, 80x62 cm.

5. - L'oreille du Poete, 2012, digital art, 100x84,8 cm.

6. - Nausées, 2013, digital art, 100x60,5 cm.

7. - Seduction, 2018 50x40 cm, Photo Digital Art


8. - Timide, 2017,digital art, 98 x 119 cm.

9. - Tristesse,2014, digital art, 73 x 80 cm.0

10. - Un allegorie de l'artiste, 2014, digital art, 98 x 98 cm.

11. - Douce attente, 2014, digital art, 98 x120 cm.

12. - Divine creation, 2014, digital art, 96 x119 cm.



















Yasmina Barbet born in France, After her secondary school she attended a photography course at the IED in Rome.
In 1998 she moved to Paris, where she worked on photographic projects, followed by drawing courses, art history and image processing techniques.

In 2002, she returned to Rome, she worked at commissioned work, and completed her own photo archive, which she will presented in 2008 on her personal site. In 2009 she started collaborating with the French Wostok Press agency following the news in Italy (Vatican, Venice Film Festival, Rome Film Festival ...).

In parallel, she publishes books and articles on commissions such as the "Senegal Natangué" catalog of an exhibition exhibited at the Italian Senate. She cultivated a study on his own technique and expression of the image, exhibited in 2017 at the Biennale of Rome and the Biennale of Florence, where she won the bronze “Lawrence the magnificent".

Introduction on this research:
“Our emotions are not ours” James Hillman

The emotions we feel are often lived in a personal way, they are intimate…and yet
emotions belong to everyone, we share them, they belong to our deepest human
nature.That is the subject Yasmina Barbet wants to explore, with introspection,
trying to bring her own and of other people’s emotions back from the depth of the
unconscious, with their several shades