USA Teara R. Brodeur    



1. 2-D Cross, 2006 Acrylic on canvas 27x22 in. $ 250

2. and thee makes three, 2005 Acrylic on canvas in painted frame 16x24 in

3. All the Right Curves, 2005 Acrylic on canvas 30x40 in.

4. Musical Triptych - Piano, 2005 Acrylic on canvas in painted frames 24'x16 in.

5. Musical Triptych - Piccolo, 2005 Acrylic on canvas in painted frames 24'x16 in.

6. Musical Triptych - Violin, 2005 Acrylic on canvas in painted frames 24'x16 in.












TearaRenee’ creates work that is based on emotion and life. She is able to liberate expression in her use of unique color combinations and texture. Each piece tells a story. Every creation is inspired by someone she has met or something she has experienced. TearaRenee’ has a strong desire to reach out to people through her artwork. Her dream is to be able to show people and especially children that no matter whom they are, no matter what limitations they may have, it is always worth following a dream. TearaRenee’ hasn’t always been able to pursue her dreams of being an artist. It was only following more than eight years in the United States Marine Corps that she was given the opportunity to make art a full time career. As a mother of two children and a military spouse in a small North Carolina town, she isn’t the first person one would consider a contemporary artist. However looking at her art and watching her work, one can clearly see a woman eager to experiment and step out of her comfort zone in order to communicate. TearaRenee’ says “Each piece of my artwork tells a story. I just hope that you can see a bit of your own stories as well.”