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1. Memories of Tuscany, series No 1, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.

2.Memories of Tuscany, series No 2, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.

3.Memories of Tuscany, series No 3, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.

4.Memories of Tuscany, series No 4, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.

5.- Manuscript Untitled No 1, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.

6.Manuscript Untitled No 2, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton, 50X65 cm.

7. Manuscript Untitled No 3, 2016 Mix materials on handmade paper, vegetable dyes, Chinese ink, cotton 50X65 cm.


8. Face to Face, Guwahati No 01, 2016 mix materials on canvas 150X150 cm.

9.Face to Face, Guwahati No 02, 2016 mix materials on canvas 150X115 cm.

10.Nai Mueang, 2017 Mix materials on canvas 60X80 cm x2 works.

11.- The Chinese Portrait of Graffiti Series, 2015 Acrylics on Canvas, Mix Materials 48x48 in. (16X16 in. each).

12.Tea-Mountain, 2015 canvas, paper, tea, coffee, rubber, fire 150X130 cm

















1988-1992 Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing
1994-1995 China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2016-2017 State University of New York (UAlbany), Visiting scholar

2015 Pictorial Chengdu 2015, Prize of excellent works, Chengdu / China
2015 Sandro Botticelli Prize, Florence / Italy
2015 “2nd WENHUA Art Award, Sichuan”, Prize of excellent works, Chengdu / China
2014  “The 12th national arts exhibition, Sichuan fine arts exhibition 2014”, Prize of excellent works, China / Chengdu
2014 “The 2nd of the world Chinese art exhibition”, Prize of excellent works, Beijing / China
2013 CREATIVE CHINA, The Seventh National Design Art Grand Prix, Award of Excellence
2013 “Media Art Biennial 2014”, Honorable Award, London / UK
2012  “2nd ART & INTEGRATION”, Third Prize of Buggniano City Hall, Buggniano / Italy
2011 International Izmir Art Biennial, Special Jury Award, Izmir / Turkey
2010 “MEDAGLIA DIBRONZO” PER LA SEZIONE PITTURA,XXVIII edizione del "Premio Firenze"2010, sez. Arti Visive) Florence / Italy
2008 Pingyao International Photography Festival, Special Jury Award, Pingyao / China
1995 "Makuhari tours - Asian Young Designers Competition", Vice Grand Prize (runner-up), Tokyo / Japan
1994 "2nd The National Teacher Art Exhibition", Prize of excellent works, Beijing / China
1992 "Sichuan Art Exhibition", Excellence Award, Chengdu / China
1991 "4th Edition The National Etching, Lithograph & Serigraphic Art Exhibition", Award of Merit, Nanjing / China
1990 "Sichuan Printmaking Exhibition", , Award of Merit, Chengdu / China

Selected Exhibitions:
Archipelago#2, Galleri Svea / Gamla Stan / Stockholm / Sweden / 2018
Tashkent Art-Sceno-Fest 2018, Tashkent / Uzbekistan / 2018
Extension and Distance: Print Art Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China / Shenzhen / 2018
Artists in Simultanea, Florence / Italy / 2017
7th International EgeArt Days, Kusadasi / Turkey / 2017
1st Print Biennale Yerevan, Yerevan / Armenia / 2017
The Maryland CCACC culture and art exhibition, China / Suzhou / 2017
Printmaking artist association, Nomination exhibition, China / Chengdu / 2017
Contemporaries at UFFIZI, Montecarlo di Lucca / Italy / 2016
VinArt in Flower 2016, Montecarlo / Lucca / Italy / 2016
Hand-made ingenuity – 1st Southwest Youth program to promote printmaking, Chengdu / China / 2016
Olympic Fine Art Association International Exhibition & Symposium, Guwahati / India / 2016
Supreme-Impression, Chengdu / China / 2015
Pictorial Chengdu 2015, Chengdu / China / 2015
Sichuan Famous printmaking-artists nomination exhibition, Chengdu / China / 2015
ORIENTAL FRIENDSHIP, Yangon / Myanmar / 2015
VINART 2015, Montecarlo / FORTEZZA LA ROCCA / Italy / 2015
Culture Revolution, Dallas / US / 2015
Ideal And Reality, Chengdu / China / 2015
Mnemosyne, Dallas / US / 2015
HanMoYan, Zigong / China / 2015
1st Chinese Folk Art Biennale & 2nd kunming Biennale, Kunming / China / 2014
2nd World Overseas Chinese Fine Arts exhibition, Beijing / China / 2014
FREE ART, Taipei / 2014
Cultural and Social Cost, Khon Kaen / Thailand / 2014
International Artists Workshop, Kusadasi / Turkey / 2014
The 12th National Art Exhibition, Guangzhou / China / 2014
Confluence ’14, New Delhi / India / 2014
LuminArte Presents, Dallas / US / 2013
VinArt 2013, Montecarlo di Lucca / Italy / 2013
ART&INTEGRATION”EXHIBITION, Rheinbach (Bonn) / Germany / 2013
HumanRights 2013, Lecce / Italy / 2013
Restart, Chongli / China / 2013
Simultaneous, Spazi d'Arte / Florence / Italy / 2013
Chianciano International Art Award 2012, Chianciano / Italy 2012
TRALARTE, Fossano / Italy 2012
International Biennale Artists Exhibit, LMNT Gallery / Miami / US / 2012
HumanRights 2012, Lecce / Italy / 2012
2nd ART & INTEGRATION, Buggniano / Italy / 2012
An Industrial American Dirge, Dallas / US / 2012
International Art Meeting 2012, Montecatini / Italy / 2012
1st Edition BURST Art fair / project Art Fair, Miami / US / 2011
International Biennale Artists Exhibit, Dallas / US / 2011
HumanRights 2011, Rovereto – Trento / Italy / 2011
Art No Wall 2011, Khon Kaen / Thailand 2011
2nd Biennial of Art and Literature from Cairo, Cairo / Egypt / 2011
International Izmir Art Biennial, Izmir / Turkey / 2011
International Art Meeting, Montecatini / Italy / 2011
UnionNational touring exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists, National Gallery / Bangkok / Thailand / 2011
Biennale Artists during Art Basel Miami, Miami / America / 2010
Salon d’Automne – Paris 2010, Paris / France / 2010
Dislocation, Graphic Art Exhibition, Chongqing / China / 2010
TOKANI's Second Tourism Art Exhibition, Nandi / Fiji / 2010
ART & INTEGRATION, Pescia / Italy / 2010
Images of Desire ‖, Suzhou / China / 2008
What Else Do You Have Now? , Beijing / China / 2008
Yes! Photo, Pingyao / China / 2008
Before us: The World View of a Group of Materialists, Pingyao / China / 2008
2008s China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao / China / 2008
We Are In Here, Beijing / China / 2008
Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing / China / 2008
China Design Now, London / United Kingdom / 2008
2007s China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao / China / 2007
Contemporary Art Exhibition of Beijing International Arts Camp, Beijing / China / 2007
China Art Festival-- Excellent Art Works Invitation Show, Chengdu / China / 1997
13th National Woodcut Painting Exhibition, Nanjing / China / 1996
Asian Youth Designer Contest, Secondary Award, Chiba, Tokyo / Japan / 1995
Tokyo-Tama International Woodcut Painting Exhibition, Tokyo / Japan / 1995
2nd National Exhibition of Excellent Paintings by Teacher, Award of Merit, Beijing / China / 1994
1st China Copper Etching Exhibition, Shanghai / China / 1992
11th China Woodcut Painting Exhibition, Beijing / Wuhan / China / 1992
Sichuan Art Exhibition, Award of Merit, Chengdu / China / 1992
4th Edition The National Etching, Lithograph & Serigraphic Art Exhibition, Nanjing / China / 1991
1990s Sichuan Printmaking Exhibition, Award of Merit, Chengdu / China / 1990

Selected Solo Shows:
"For the Paper" Lisbon / Portugal / 2016
"Face to Face" Guilderland / U.S. / 2016
"Zodiac" Florence / Italy / 2010
"Rock, Paper, Scissors" Beijing / 2007
"97 Prints Exhibition" Beijing / 1997

Selected public Collections:
Shanghai Art Museum
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Museum
Youth Museum of Art in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti
Sichuan Art Museum
China Shenzhou printmaking-museum
Tokyo Tama University, Japan
Jiangsu Art Museum
Khon Kaen University Museum, Thailand
PURBAJYOTI Museum, India
Spring and Autumn printmaking museum in Beijing
Beijing International Art Biennale Office


Brief Statement
Sien He

Many of my early works were related to Chinese traditional culture. They are related to, for instance, legends, acupoint treatment, the Five Elements, the Eight Trigrams, and main and collateral channels in human body, of course, including face.

If there is no tradition or inheritance, there is no future. The context of the past is always important, because it is the soil, the memory, and is something you can never get rid of.

Listening and being listened, we crave both. The colloquial interaction as such is where the beauty lies.

Like a plant that feels the subtle changes of weather and soil, an artist does the same. He feels and extracts nutriment from the surroundings - history and cultural environment - until he and the destiny coalesces into one.

As always I keep a watchful eye on the things around me, full of curiosity and with the belief that every human being in this constantly changing world is blessed, for we are experiencing every moment of the life. I am interested in is to record personal experience of using an artistic way, constantly updated methods. If these methods can make me exchange of the feelings with others to survive, this is a miracle and significance from the arts.

In recent years, my works, Using the mix materials such as Chinese rice paper, UK coffee, Chinese tea, Chinese ink, and the use of the technology such as sketch, paste, burning and so on. but find an own language format in between the this two, there are both that traces of ink painting of China and the image effect of printing- making, photography, mimeograph and Chinese ink effect is the combination of clever, let me find everything new and fresh.

Sien He
Mr. He’s creation direction includes woodcut, copperplate etching, lithograph, serigraphic of the printmaking and mixed media painting and etc. Mr. He has involved in the academic research and practice for folk images, and strived for the exploratory experiments of modern image technology and traditional engraving skills. He has being studying the assimilation of oriental aesthetic prospect and contemporary western concepts. His personal exhibitions have been held at home and abroad. He has also been invited to participate various projects and seminars, or set up presentation & lectures in Silpakorn University(Bangkok, Thailand), Khon Kaen University、Mahasarakham University、the State University of New York(UAlbany) 、Italy ARTEMISIA、Ege University、International Cultur Art Dialogues Associatıon, Turkey. And etc. In the meantime, Mr. He and his works have taken part in many significant large-scale topic and comprehensive exhibitions, nationally and internationally. Such prizes he has won include Wenhua Art Award (Sichuan, China), Pinyao International Photograph Festival, the 28th Florence Prize in Italy, the Special Prize of IZMIR International Art Biennale Committee in Turkey, the Bronze Medal of “2nd ART & INTEGRATION” - BUGGIANO Town Hall in Italy and etc.

Mr. He Sien has graduated from the Dept. of Printmaking of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and the Dept. of Printmaking of CAFA(Central Academy of Fine Arts), At present, he is an professor in the Academy of Fine Arts of Chengdu Normal University, also a part-time Master tutor (M.F.A. ) at Central South University. Other titles for his are National First-grade Artist, member of Association of Chinese Artists, member of Association of Chinese Printmaking Artists, member of Association of Chinese Photographers, and member of The Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences in the United States (ACPSS).

Currently Associate Dean of Academy of Fine Arts of Chengdu Normal University, China