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1.Winter lyric, oil on canvas 107x140 cm, US$ 50000.00

2.In my studio, oil on canvas 95x67 cm, US$ 45000.00

3.Lake, oil on canvas 190x240 cm, US$ 30000.00

4.Magic, oil on canvas 90x60 cm, US$ 30000.00

5.Melody, oil on canvas 80x100 cm, US$ 50000.00

6.Paradise, oil on canvas 80x100 cm, US$ 50000.00

7. Phoenix, oil on canvas 180x140 cm, US$ 25000.00


8.See, feel and talk, oil on canvas 80x100 cm, US$ 30000.00

9.Still life with red flowers, oil on canvas 90x120 cm, US$ 50000.00

10.Venice in my dream, oil on canvas 100x80 cm, US$ 30000.00

11.Sunny day, oil on canvas 100x75 cm, US$ 50000.00

12..Angels, oil on canvas 100x70 cm, US$ 45000.00


















Rudik Petrosyan (Artist) |

1969- Graduated from the Yerevan Art College after Terlemezyan
1978- Graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts Institute

Prizes and Diplomas:
2017- “International Award Galileo Galilei”- Italy
2016- “Contemporaries at UFFIZI Prize”- Italy
2016- “ Cavaliere Art Prize”- Italy
2016- “Biato Angelico Prize” - Italy
2016-“Gran Prix Louvre”- Paris - France
2016- Berliner Art Prize – Berlin - Germany
2016- “Premio Arte Roma” – Rome - Italy
2016- Casanova Prize – Venice – Italy
2016- “Premio Biennale Palma d’Oro per l’arte”- Monte-Carlo - Monaco
2016- International Art Award Minerva – Lecce - Italy
2016- Shakespeare in Art Award-Verona- Italy
2016-Academy Award – Oscar Nomination ( Best Artist of the Year 2016)- Rome
2016-International Prize Colosseo - Rome
2016-International Prize Canaletto “Artistic Career Award”-Venice
2016-International Prize Tiepolo-Milan
2016-Pope Francis Awarded Diploma with his Blessings to Rudik Petrosyan
2016-International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci-Florence
2015-International Award for Human Rights
2015-Prize David Lorenzo Bernini-Lecce
2015-Prize of the Artists at the Castle - Nerola
2015-International Prize Michelangelo-Rome
2015-The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists Award
2015-Award of the International Prize Marco Polo-Venice
2015-Pieter Paul Rubens Award-Italy
2015-Critics Award-Italy
2015-The Genius of Art Award
2015-Award Guglielmo II
2015-Prize International Rome Imperial
2015-Sandro Botticelli Prize-Florence
2014-Malta- awarding from Artistic Throphy Knights of Malta.
2014-Awarding "The Best 2014 Modern and Contemporary Artists"
2009- Became a Honorary Member of Academy “Bonifaciana” in Italy.
2009- Pope Benedict XVI congratulated Rudik Petrosyan and gave him a Diploma.
2007- Became a Full Member of European Academy of Natural Sciences.
2007- Has been awarded with the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Medal.
2007- Awarded with the Great Honor” Cross St. Georges” Medal and Diploma from the European Academy of Natural Sciences and Society.
2007- Became a Honorary Member of the “ Ararat” International Academy
of Natural Sciences ( France ).
2005- Received First Prize of the concourse contest to draw a portrait of His Beatitude the Greek-Orthodox Patriarch in Lebanon.
2003- Full Member of the Hanover International Knights Union.
1998- Full Member of the International Academy of Natural Sciences and
Society ( Armenian Branch ).
1998- Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Society (Armenian Branch).
1996- Member of International Association of Artist of the UNESCO.
1980- Was awarded with the “Academy Red Diploma” at the Moscow Pan-Union Fine Arts Academy exhibition and was elected as a Pan-Union Jury member.
1978- Received a Prize by the Moscow Olympiad Committee.
1978- Awarded with the Prize presented by the Cultural Ministry of Armenia.
1976- Member of the Union of USSR Artist.
1974- First Prize for the “Labor” theme, awarded by the Yerevan Fine Art Institute.
1973- Received an Encouragement Prize at the exhibition of Young Artists of Yerevan.
1966- Awarded with the First Prize at the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of the
Fine Arts Institutes of the Transcaucasean Three Republics.

2016- Art in fall- NJ-USA
2016- Exhibition “Premio Arte Roma” in Museum- Rome - Italy
2016- Exhibition in Naples- Segnalati -Italy
2016- “Biennale Rivera del Brenta” -Venice
2016- Contemporary Art Exhibition - New York
2015-AAPL- New York
2015-Contemporary Paradize-Palermo
2015-Art in Fall , NJ, USA
2015-Edinburgh Dundas street Gallery-Segnalati
2015-Museum Sciortino Monreale.
2015-Rome-Piazza del Popolo.
2015-Carrousel du Louvre.
2015-Biennale Barcelona, Spain
2015-Biennale Palermo, Italy
2015-Gallery il Collezionista" Rome.
2014-Audubon Artists Annual Exhibition NY.
2014-International Art Festival NY.
2014-AAPL 86 Grand National Exhibition. NY
2014-Art in Fall, NJ
2013-Art Expo NY.
2013-AAPL -85 Grand National Exhibition NY.
2013-HVAA-81Annual National Juried Exhibition
2013-Exhibition in Guild Hall of the St.Vartan Armenian Cathedral, NY
2013-Exhibition in MORA, NJ
2012-Exhibition in Pennsylvania.
2012-4th Art in Fall Exhibition, NJ
2012- “Armenian painting and other mediums” in Bergen Gallery, NJ
2012-Exhibition in Guild Hall of the St.Vartan Armenian Cathedral,NY
2012- 3rd Annual Exhibition in Manhattan, NY
2011-83rd Grand National Exhibition of the American Artists Professional League, New York, NY
2011- 3rd Art in Fall Exhibition, NJ
2011- Exhibition in Galustian Hall, NY
2011- Group exhibition in Gallery Erebuni, NY
2010- Exhibition in the Auditorium Al Duomo, Florence, Italy
2010- 2nd Art in Fall Exhibition, NJ
2010- 33rd Annual Juried Exhibition at Salmagundi Club Manhattan, NY.
2010- Group Exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery , NY.
2010- Art Expo New York.
2010- 30th Annual Regional Open Juried show, Ridgewood, NJ.
2001-2009 Painted a number of paintings in a Christian Churches in Lebanon.
2007- Personal Exhibition in Davitian Hall Hollywood, FL
2001- Group Exhibition at the ABBA Academy, Beirut, Lebanon.
1999- Participated to a philanthropic exhibition in Canada.
1999- Group exhibition, Anjar.
1999- Group exhibition ,Tripoli.
1999- Group exhibition at the Embassy of Armenia, Beirut, Lebanon.
1998- International exhibition “ ARTUEL 98” Beirut, Lebanon.
1998- International exhibition “ ART DECO 98” Beirut, Lebanon.
1998- Group exhibition in the Gallery “Noah’s Ark” Beirut, Lebanon
1997- Personal exhibition Yerevan, Armenia.
1995- Personal exhibition in “International Art Gallery”, Beirut, Lebanon.
1994- Personal exhibition, Wittlich, Germany.
1993-Group exhibition, Krasnodar, Russia.
1992- Group exhibition, Canada.
1990-1992 International exhibitions, Tokyo, Japan.
1978-1991 Participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Yerevan (Armenia) and Moscow, Leningrad (Russia).


Since 1970, the works of Rudik Petrosyan have been collected by the Armenian Museum of Art, Tretiakov Museum of Moscow, Kiev Museum of Russia, State Art Galleries of Yerevan and private collections in USA, Japan, Germany, France, Argentina and so on.

Currently residing in New Jersey. Admitted legally to the USA as an Extraordinary Artist Ability.

Rudik Petrosyan is one of those artists that lives and breathes art throughout his lifetime. He is a master of imagination searching with equal determination to create personal expressions with distinctive talent for color in his art.

As an artist he pursues diverse stylistic paths in search of authentic intellectual and artistic achievements. His art is based on current notions of optical and color theories.

His paintings depict superbly executed luminous landscape scenes, still life peopled with natural landscape, extremely successful portraiture, and religious iconography with saints, angels and many other religious symbolisms.

The artist is in constant evolution and his updated style invigorates the otherwise conventional subject with a virtuoso application of color and pigment. Rudik’s courageous disposition has taken him from Karabagh to Yerevan to Lebanon and presently in the U.S. constantly searching for an untouched land of simplicity and beauty.

He has participated in many exhibitions and his art is collected by many museums like the Tretiakov Museum of Moscow, Kiev Museum of Russia, and the National Museum of Yerevan and in many private collections in U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France and Argentina and the Middle East.