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- Finalist in the GLOBAL ART AWARDS / Shanghai 2020
- International Prize Leonardo da Vinci 2020
- International Prize Frida Kahlo 2020
- International Prize Raffaello & Canovas 2020
- Artist of the Decade 2010-2020
- Artist of the Year 2020
- ARTYA Award 2020
- International Prize "New York City"
- Winner Futurist Artist Award 2019
- Winner Futurist Artist Award 2018

Latest exhibitions: Art-e 2020 in Veroli (Italy) September 27-October 4, 2020.
Yukyung Art Museum in Geoje (South Korea). November 1-25, 2020. Shanghai International Art Fair November 19-22, 2020.

Invited to participate, in the Art Fairs of New York, San Diego, Miami and Tokyo.

- Catalog various group exhibitions in Shanghai 2012-14
- Artist Catalog of the Museum of European Art 2019. Frederiksvaerk/Denmark
- Catalog Exhibition 'Art of Remediation' at the Yukyung Art Museum in Geoje, South Korea 2020.
-Catalog at Shanghai International Art Fair 2020
- Future Catalogs of Art Fairs in Miami 2021 and New York 2021
- Important Artists of the World Book 2020
- Magazine "Artist of the Decade" 2020
- Magazine and Catalog of the Leonardo da Vinci International Prize 2020
- Magazine and Catalog of the Frida Kahlo International Prize 2020
- Magazine and Catalog of the Raffaello & Canova International Prize 2020
- Magazine and Catalog Artist of the Year 2020
- The official catalog of the event “The Stars of Contemporary Art” 2020
- Artists For A Green Planet Magazine 2020
- Art Book 'Excellent Art 2020'
- Art Book ‘Moonlight Sonatas“ 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven 2021
- Art Book “Flowers for Monet”. 180th anniversary of Claude Monet 2021
- Art Universal. The Great Encyclopedia of International Art 2020
- The Great Masters of Contemporary Art 2020
- The 'Contemporary Art of Excellence' book 2021
- INVENTORY. Contemporary Art Edition 2021
- The annual art book, Art Folio 2021
- TOP 10 Contemporary Artist 2020
- The Guggenheim Museum issue of World of Art Magazine 2020
- Book. Art Retreat 2020
- New Magazin. Art IDEAL 2020

Born in Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha / Spain), he did his university studies in Madrid. Master (Magister) in Sports Management and Administration by the University Olympic Institute (COE and Universidad Complutense de Madrid). European Diploma in Strategic Planning. Inventor, National Coach of Tennis, and creator/performer of a Dance-Tennis pedagogical record. Diploma in Graphic Design, Advertising Production and Professional Web Design.

He has worked in direction and management in public and private companies, also, works of publicity, design, organization of great events; Davis Cup, Federation Cup, Exhibitions...etc.
The professional and artistic activity of his family, during several generations, has influenced since childhood in his plastic facet. The multidisciplinary influence of his professional activities; in sports, music, engineering and art, both in Castilla-La Mancha and in Madrid, was decisive for the creation within the world of art, of a very personal and different style, which has been called Rivismo, based on the application of Experiential Brushstrokes. Seeking to promote creativity, novelty, surprise, imagination and the freshness of art.
A very special style in which the mixed technique predominates. The content of his works is thought, preferably, for big size formats.

Throughout the last fifteen years, the continuous works of investigation have managed to reinforce the Concepts and the Philosophy that predominate in the Rivismo and that have given protagonism to material elements to which he has assigned aspects, functions and values of the people.
His work has been presented since 2005 in national and international painting exhibitions and competitions. Also in Fairs, Museums and Universities. Emphasizing its presence in Spain, Italy, Demark, United States, China and South Korea. Currently, it is part of the Collection/Permanent Exhibition XIX ART XXI Contemporary Art for Castilla-La Mancha, of the Collection of the European Art Museum (Frederiksvaerk/Denmark) and of the Collection of the Yukyung Art Museum in Geoje (South Korea).

The influence of the Internet; in the Web pages, Blogs and Social Networks, have contributed with great speed to make known this artistic proposal. In response to all this dissemination of his work, he has received good news by being recognized through invitations to international exhibitions, inclusion in art books and magazines and the awarding of several international awards.




In his vast and authoritative experience as an artist characterized by accolades and gratifications from critics and the public, Ramon Rivas has been able and wanted to represent the multiple experiences of his relating to what exists and surrounds us, lives and breathes behind the appearance of the visible. Knowing and appreciating his works is an interesting and stimulating opportunity to understand the artistic universe of this artist. His research is aimed at Rivismo in an intertwining of consumerist trends and the desire to go further to create a new awareness linked to the ego image. Observing a work by Ramon Rivas is an articulated journey full of inventions, suggestions, adaptations, references aimed at exploring our daily experience with the desire to open up to the most common desires and especially to the world. It is the role of contaminations and expectations, hopes and spontaneous and vital pleasures. Apparently invisible messages created with care and particular attention through a rather introspective search for being and the languages of life. An artistic project deeply linked to the semiotics of everyday life. The search for identity obtained through the exaltation of a culture linked to everything that is ephemeral and contaminated with homologation in its deepest aspects. Ramon Rivas's works are the testimony of an era and his paintings are an intelligent antidote for not losing one's memory, offering a remarkable message of hymn to life, an invitation to rediscover meaning and its most intimate meaning.


A great experiment each time with new subtle balances, original syntheses that are increasingly rich in stimuli in reference to aesthetics, in search of a personal language that allows man's growth and development, but at the same time the artist's maturation. Images, its stylistically essential, never confused. Figures gathered in the space of the painting with all the strength of their beauty, the delicacy of their elegance accompanied by ingenious abstractionism. Images that open the gaze to infinity. A lead back to cultural processes and a vision of memory, without the need to tell, but with the pretense of exploring experiences. Reflection linked to a refined silence that makes us think of something constructive and all in all the privilege of being artists and disseminators of special experiences. Each of his works leads us to the discovery and encounter with ourselves in a unique and noteworthy artistic story. A different way of narrating life, elements and forms intertwine and whose protagonists are in effect the materials placed at the center of the artistic experience narrated by the artist and his profound feeling.


Giulia Zanesi

Curator and art critic

1. Beethoven & Gauss. Music+Science, 2020 Mixed media /Rivismo 76.7X76.7 IN. | 195X195 CM.


3. Experiential landscape, 2017 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

4. Instrumental Nest with Piano for Six, 2020 Mixed media /Rivismo 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

5. Unicellular surgery, 2020 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

6. Experiential puzzle, 2018 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

7. Experiential habitat in the Cosmos, 2018 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm


8.Experiential cubes & jars, 2019 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

9.Experiential Spawning in the Multiverse, 2019 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

10. Experiential machine, 2019 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

11. Experiential projection, 2017 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.

12. Organic transmutation, 2009 Mixed Media/Rivismo-Canvas 76.7x76.7 in. | 195x195 cm.