Canada Paul Ygartua    



1. Carnival, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft / 1,22x1,22 M

Salvador Dali, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft / 1,22x1,22 M

3. The Game, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft / 1,22x1,22 m

John Coltrane, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft / 1,22x1,22 M.

5. Mexican Native, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 5x4 ft /1,53x1,22 M

6. THe City Reflections, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft /1,22x1,22 M

7. Haida Mask, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 6x4 ft / 1,22x1,83 M

8. Bordello, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft / 1,22x1,22 M

9. Jimmy Hendrix, 2005 Acrylics on Canvas 4x4 ft /1,22x1,22 M.













Paul Ygartua, N.D.D., is an excellent artist and designer, but most of all this international artist is an original creator producing remarkable work. Ygartua was born in a town near Liverpool, England; his father Basque from Northern Spain and his mother British. He studied at the famous Liverpool Art College with John Lennon in the early 60s and listened to the Beatles at the Cavern every lunch hour. He has a degree in Industrial Design and is a qualified gold and silversmith. During the 80s his interpretations of the peoples of the world were a rewarding success as evidenced by his North American Native Heritage Series and his monumental murals Native Heritage, Chemainus, BC and the United Nations Pavilion at Expo86 in Vancouver, Canada. These murals have received international acclaim. In his paintings he seeks to interpret the fundamental values of the nomadic peoples of the world and also in his more intimate work to illustrate the workings of the mind and soul. During his travels abroad he is accompanied by his family and together they have travelled to the far corners of the earth from Copacabana to Jerusalem and from Hawaii to Europe. They share with him the beauties of the countries visited and especially the people who live there. Since the 90s Paul has worked on many important projects including two large murals - Salute to the Legends of the 20th Century, Vancouver, Canada (300x30) and United by Our Children, Ely, Nevada, USA (30x110). His work is now moving towards a new direction - ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM - vibrant and passionate, colourful and bold, and this is particularly captured in his new Jazz studies where he portrays the unforgettable Jazz Musicians of the past and present. His paintings are in public and private collections worldwide and are treasured for their intrinsic and real value.