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• Who’s who Art club international (Switzerland)
• Comite National Monegasque A.I.A.P. (UNESCO)
• Association international des Arts Plastiques CNFAP (AIAP UNESCO) Paris /France
• Society for Art of Imagination, London (UK)
• Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK), Berlin (Germany)

• Palm Art Award 2015 (Germany)
• 1957 1st prize of painting youth competition, Abadan (Iran)
• 1998 5th International Syrlin Prize, Stuttgart (Germany)
• 2007 rize “L’Aigle de Nice“, Nice (France)
• 2008 Gold Medal painting of M.C.A., Cannes (France)
• “Excellent Art Prize” of national museum in Kobe (Japan)
• Prize in Menton (France)
• Prize for painting in Taipeh (Taiwan)
• 2009 Gold Medal of painting of M.C.A., Cannes (France)
• Honnor and Prestige award for the sculpture M.C.A., Cannes (France)
• Award for the Franco-japonese exhibition with the prize “Huile sur Toile” in Nice (France)
• Award for the Golden Canvas 2010 «Fédération nationale de la culture française»
• Gold Medal of painting of M.C.A., Cannes (France)
• 2011 Gran Premio International «Astro Nascente» Accademia Gentilizia Internazionale Di Firenze (Italy)
• 2012 Gold Medal of painting, Cannes (France)
• Silver Medal of Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes (France)
• 2014 Excellent Artiste Salvatore Russo (Italy)
• Prix de l’art et de la culture Monaco -Japon
• 2015 Kitz art Award of Excellence 2015 (Austria)
• Palm Art Award 2015 (Germany)Exhibitions

• Southern Nevada Museum of fine Art, Las Vegas USA – Decaloge & “Kiss Me”
• Cazouls-lès-Béziers – “The Little Prince”
• Côte d’Azur Gattières – “Red flamingo”
• Town of Overath (Germany) Gut Eichtal Park – “Three ducks flying”
• Museum of local history (Heimatmuseum), Cologne (Germany)-“Wednesday Ash”
• Voice of Germany (Deutsche Welle), Cologne (Germany)
• Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Bonn (Germany)
• Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation, Gummersbach (Germany)
• Museum Solingen (Germany)
• Palais Palffy Phantasten Museum, Vienna (Austria)
• Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas (USA)
• Town of Cannes (France)
• Townhall of Saint Jeannet (France)
• Museum Palais Palffy, Vienna (Austria)
• Monastery of Dominicain, Nice (France)
• Centre Don Bosco Oldenburg (Germany)
• Monastery Saint Lazard, Marseille (France)
• Moya Museum, Vienna (Austria)
• Town Hall Ramatuelle : Gaulish Rooster
• Commune Nice, Escaren, Sculpture: The Little Prince
• Commune Nice Saint Jeannet, Sculpture: Thinking Cat Lady

• 1977 Gallery Kunst und Psyche, Cologne (Germany)
• 1997 Le Lavoir “Charles Vasserot“, Saint Tropez (France)
• 1998 Town Hall of Cologne (Germany)
• 1999 Galérie du Lac », Nyon / Geneva (Switzerland)
• Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Bonn (Germany)
• 2000 Deutsche Welle, Cologne (Germany)
• Museum Baden, Solingen (Germany)
• 2001 Cercle Munster, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
• Gallery “Céline”, Paris (France)
• 2004 Provincial diet of Northrhine Westphalia, Duesseldorf (Germany)
• Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation, Berlin-Potsdam (Germany)
• Maison de l’Amérique Latine de Monaco, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
• Museum Roentgen, Remscheid (Germany)
• 2005 Museum Siegburg, Siegburg (Germany)
• 2008 Fine Art Museum Kobe (Japan)
• 2009 Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Vence (France)
• Press : “le Lien Vence”, by Guy Daninos and in Nice Matin 26.4.2009 by Sylvie Carbou
• Kulturforum Overath(Germany)
• Press : Mitteilungsblatt Overath,1.10.2009, and Kölnische Rundschau
• 2010 Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris (France)
• Parc Phoenix, Nice (France)
• Press:Niçois, sept.2010 Radio Azurbleu Sept.2010
• Sino-European Fair in Beijing Plannings Museum (China)
• 2011 Museum Palais Palffy, Vienna (Austria)
• 2012 Centre Cormier, Marseille (France)
• Galerie Dickmayer, Berlin (Germany)
• 2013 Historical Twonhall, Cologne (Germany)
• 2014 Moya Museum , Vienna (Austria)
• Gallery Boehner Mannheim (Germany)

Group exhibitions:
• 2006 Agora Gallery, New York (USA)
• 2007 Aigle de Nice International, Nice (France)
• 2008 Académie Européenne des Arts, Paris (France)
• Salon International M.C.A. le Monde de la Culture des Arts, Cannes (France)
• Gallery “La Vielle Forge”, Saint Paul de Vence (France)
• Agora Gallery, New York (USA)
• 2010 Galerie Mouvance, Paris, (France)
• Agora Gallery, “Contemporary German Art”, New York (USA)
• Salon International des Arts Contemporains, Brussels (Belgium)
• Urbanization Museum, Beijing (China)
• Galerie Artemisia, Nice (France)
• 2011 Airport of Nice (France)
• Broadway Gallery, New York (USA)
• Museum Castello di Estense Ferarra (Italy)
• Artfusion Gallery, Miami (USA)
• Grand Palais, Paris (France)
• Maison de France, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
• 2012 Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas (USA)
• Art Monaco, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
• 2013 Seventh Artistic Exhibition Japan / Monaco
• Exotic Garden, (Monaco)
• Homage Meret Oppenheim, Basel (Switzerland)
• L’Iran Eternel, Epiplage Ramatuelle, St.Tropez (France)
• La Femme 100 Têtes, Airport Nice (France)
• Artists of the world , Cannes (France)
• Corso Buenos Aires Galerie, Milano (Italy)
• 2014 Arte é felicità ,Galleria d’Arte“V Guidi“ San Donato Milanese (Italy)
• Femmes d’Art à l’espace Saint -Berrnardin Le CANNET (France)
• Friendship exhibition Japan-Monaco Aud.Rainer III (Monaco)
• Galleria Sabrina Falzone (Milano, Italy)
• Royal Art ROA Royal Opera Arcade Gallery (London)
• Arcol Chapiteau de Fontiveille Monaco
• Jardin Exotique sculpture (Monaco)
• La Richesse Port Monaco (AIAP comité National Monegassque) (Monaco)
• 2015 Freundschaft Ausstellung Japan/Monaco(Audit.Rainer III Monaco)
• Modern European Art , Art Space Gallery ( New York USA)
• La grande Bleue Airport Nizza (Frankreich)
vArternativeelight Chapiteaux Monaco
• 20 Th Oasis /Monaco -Japon Museum Osaka (Japon)
• Jardin Exotique (Monaco)
• Rarhaus Köln -Porz AIAP Monco ( Deutschland)
• Citadelle/ Stadt Roses „Rencontre european Art (Roses Spanien)
• Palais Agro culrure, Nizza ( Ehre Einladung von Aigle de Nice Frankreich)

• 1999 Salon International des Artistes Contemporains, Saint Tropez (France)
• 2009 Biennale Internationale dell ‘Arte Contemporanes, Florence (Italy)
• 2011 Artfair Nice, (France)
• 2012 Art Monaco, Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
• Art Basel Liestal (Switzerland)
• Les Hivernales, Palais de Congrès, Paris (France)
• 2013 Art Innsbruck (Austria)
• Dream Palais Zanardi Biennale of Venice (Italy)
• Artfair Berliner Liste, Berlin (Germany)
• Les Hivernales Paris Est Montreuil, Paris (France)
• 2014 Art Innsbruck (Austria)
• Art Monaco
• Meuble Maison de Décoratio Nizza (France)
• ST-Art =Art Strasbourg
• 2015 Biennale di Palermo Museum Real Albergo dell Povere (Palermo- Italy)
• Annual dutch Art fair Amsterdam (Holland)
• Art tentative, ville franche Cöte d’Azur (France)

Pari Ravan, an incursion into the romantic surrealism. Pari Ravan paints in oils and uses the techniques of the old masters. Her romantic style recalls a surreal dreamlike atmosphere where each painting tells a story. Pari won her first prize as a teenager at 14 years old in an art competition dedicated to Iranian youth. She has then followed the teaching of Sadgpoor professor at the School of Fine Arts in Tehran. At 17, she moved to Germany, took classes at the Art and Craft of Mainz in parallel to her medical studies and has later participated in exhibitions in Cologne and in Berlin. From 1975 to 1979 she was the pupil of Baruch Elron, the Israelite painter of phantastic surrealism whose paintings are exhibited in many museums around the world. Doctor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and airline pilot, Pari has left since 1994, a brilliant and accomplished career, to devote herself to her passion. She won 18 awards through her life, and was recognized in 2007 with the price of the Eagle Nice International, then with the gold medal of painting in Cannes in 2008, and the Award of artistic Excellence in Kobe (Japan). Some of her works were acquired by the city of Overath, the city of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Bonn, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Berlin, Museum of Solingen and the town of Cannes in France. Pari Ravan is also referenced on the International Dictionary of Artists (USA), International Contemporary Masters of Art (USA), Dizionario encyclopedico Internazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Italy) and in Lexikon der Phantastischen Künster (Austria) etc…

1. Two Owls, 2020 Steel 180x160 cm, Price €8000

2. Crane blue, 2018 Steel 170x80 cm. Price €6000

3. Crane red, 2018 steel 170x80 cm. Price €6000

4. Thinking Cat-Lady, 2019 resin 80x80 cm. Price €6000

5. Reading Cat, 2018 resin 175x100 cm. Price €7000

6. Cat Jazz, 2020 resin 175X80 cm. Price €8000

7. Rage of mother earth, 2019 Oil on canvas 120x80 cm. Price €3500


8. The hope of Peace, 2019 Oil on canvas 100x100 cm. Price €2500

9. Parade of umbrella, 2018 Oil on wood 80x60 cm. Price €1600

10. My Mediterranean, 2020 Oil on canvas 80x80 cm. Price: €2500

11. Jockey’s dream, 2018 Oil on Canvas 50x50 cm. Price €600

12. The sea, 2019 Oil on canvas 80x80 cm. Price €2500