Belgium Olga Gouskova    



1.DUNES, mixed media acyclic on paper

20x28 in /50x70 cm

2.Lady in Red
, mixed media acyclic on canvas

16x20 in /40x50 cm

3.Angel, mixed media gouache and sepia on paper 20x28 in /50x70 cm

, mixed media gouache and sepia on paper 39x28 in /100x70 cm

, mixed media acyclic on canvas

20x28 in /50x70 cm

Only Love, mixed media gouache and sepia on paper 20x28 in /50x70 cm









Olga Gouskova paints women, always beautiful and always stylish.
Although each painting portrays one woman, these aren’t portraits of an individual. They don’t seem to reflect individual personalities but instead seem to explore the same personality or an idea of the same stylised personality throughout each of her paintings. All her ladies - sensual, melancholic and mysterious - have a physical intensity, a subtleness of form, outline and volume which almost makes you want to caress them. And these female figures do in fact caress themselves, almost as if to emphasise the preciousness of the female body - the eternal source of life and love. They express liberty, emotion and passion; aided by the absence of a temporal context they pursue and follow on each other thus breaking through the confines of space and multiply themselves in an infinite distance. The bright and mellow colours illuminate the features and emphasise the sense of the inner being caught in that precise moment. The sinuous lines in Olga’s paintings convey vibrations, memories, ambivalent feelings and deep emotion by means of the positions and expressions of the figures. Her contemporary approach to pose, dynamic composition and colour produces paintings that are modern, proud, vibrant and uniquely individual.