Italy Massimo Franchi    



1.Highway, mixed media on canvas, 40x40 in. /100x100 cm.

2.Moved cars
, 2005 mixed media on canvas, 32x40 in. /80x100 cm.

3.Roads, 2005 mixed media on canvas, 36x47 in. /90x120 cm.

, 2005 mixed media on canvas, 40x47 in. /100x120 cm.

, 2005 mixed media on canvas, 36x47 in. /90x120 cm.

Wreck, 2005 mixed media on canvas, 32x40 in. /80x100 cm.

7.PARKING LOT, mixed media on canvas, cm.100x120, 2005










Did it never happen to you to see one of those satellite photos which show Earth by night with cities transformed in diamonds mines? Approaching, everything moves, like magma coming out from a volcano in eruption, red, white, yellow or blue wakes that embroider a lightened carpet, different any time. At every day, hour, instant, a new design comes out, another composition hypnotically enchants us. Thousands of lighting points like eyes or pixel seem to blaze us. They are the artificial lights of our towns that make the show that steals the scene to stars and planets. By now, we can't see anymore the starry sky like in past, when streets were in the dark and romantics looked above, promising each other about the future and trying to get true their secret wishes. Now, for human beings living in the city, the universe starts from the street ground and ends just a bit higher, may be a few meters, or some more in case of higher skyscrapers.
Everything moves and shines, sliding on the rocks and on the asphalt, transformed on a bright mirror from a rain that makes magic the atmosphere. Car lights and neon signs are reflected in it, creating clusters of precious stones or comets whose tails get entrapped in the man-holes and among traffic-lights and street-lamps. If lights were missing, even would miss a space where to stop and to recognize each other, or where thought could rest, and we neither could know where to meet each other. This is the magic of the city in the night, of the street lamps; it's among them that we feel sure and caressed from the warmness of iodine, xenon, argon or neon lamps, never mind, provided they would light the way and would show us clearly the friend who walks with us or those who sees us during our life.