USA Leon Oks    



1.Behind the Stage, 2001 oil on canvas 40x52 in. /100x132 cm., US$ 20,000

2.Awakening of the Earth, 2003 oil on canvas 30x40 in. /76x100 cm., US$ 17,000

3.Spring Orchids, 2003 Oil on canvas 40x30 in. / 100x76 cm., US$ 15,000

4.Touch of Summer, 2003 oil on canvas 24x18 in. /60x45 cm., US$ 5,000

5.Power of Nature, 2001 oil on canvas 36x48 in. /91x122 cm., US$ 25,000

6.Rhapsody, 2002 Oil on canvas 30x36 in. / 76x92 cm., US$ 8,000









There are artists who simply possess a vision, which is original and exceptional. Russian-born artist Leon Oks is a painter whose work shows an exciting visual style that unites figuration, fluid brushstrokes and thorough coloration into a tapestry of unique inspiration. There are dynamic movement and multiple perspectives of artist’s paintings, he takes these elements and combines them with a romanticism and emotionalism that brings the paintings to a high plane of accomplishment.
Leon Oks’s art have an intense emotional quality that reveals joy and sadness in equal measures. Painting for Oks is a passionate endeavor and the works reflect how artist has tapped into the range of human experience, though his subjects are not composed in a “realist” manner, the facial expression of Oks are still extraordinarily meaningful and stirring.
He is excited about the current direction of his art. As a painter, Leon Oks tries to capture the essence of images, so that his deep feelings intertwine with the colors and shapes which are flowing, lyrical on the canvas and convey a truth about our existence. As a catalyst for his art, the female figure is resplendent with
beauty and intrigue that transcend temporal and cultural differences. Woman’s body is the mother’s body-essential to our survival as a species. ‘The feminine’ is a powerful force for Oks as a man and as an artist. Artist want to envelop the viewer in a dreamscape of lush bodies as they interact energetically. Oks believe their appeal lies in the personal images they evoke in the viewer, who is teased by his paintings to fill in the specifics. The ripe, swaying images of women in artist’s paintings are deliberately anonymous. His intention is to universalize the implications of their erotic energy. There is great power to such energy. Artist feel that power in Nature as well. Oks strive to unite the romanticism of nature with figures. Increasingly, his paintings co-join Nature and humanity. In female faces are seen atop unreal, plant-like torsos and ‘legs,’ These ‘plant women’ are not sensual or voluptuous. They shoot skyward like growing trees in a salute to the more abstract aspects of the feminine spirit. When Leon Oks arrived in the United States, his work became more open and emotional, as he felt comfortable exploring many themes and showing his paintings. Along with semi-abstract work, artist continued to do landscapes, some from memories of his beloved Russia, others of scenes in artist’s new country. Oks composing fantastic compositions that lure the viewer in to his canvas.
Leon Oks have been honored to receive many awards and to be featured in one-person and group shows across America and in Europe. Yet no honor or award equals the satisfaction of knowing that someone is moved byartist of his paintings. Oks’s work remains a bridge from his strong feelings to the outside world. Oks continue to walk that bridge with humility and reverence.