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Born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1966.
Since 1990 in Frankfurt Germany
Since 2012 painting courses, painting academies in Germany, Italy, Argentina
Since 07.2020 certified Artist. The international Institute for Artist Accreditation.

2012 Art Competition of Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
2012 Venezuelan Consulate Frankfurt am Main
2012 AWO Frankfurt /Sossenheim AWO
2012 exhibition Blei & Guba, Kelkheim -
12.2012 First own exhibition, studio in Eppstein Ts.
2013 Own exhibition, manor house in Sulzbach a.Ts
25.10.2014 Handicraft market. Gymnasium TV Bieber, Seligenstädterstr 34 - 63073 Offenbach
12.04.2015 Exhibition "BUNTE EMOTIONEN Hotel Monastery Johannisberg,
18.09.2015 Exhibition "A breath of golden emotions", Nachbarschaftshaus Wiesbaden e.V.
25.02 2017 Exhibition "Armonía" Frankfurt
1.09.2018 The four elements | Galerie m beck | Homburg/Saar / Galleria Beck
02.05.19 Historical Café Laumer, Frankfurt
06-07.19 Highest art market. Mainufer Brüningstr. Frankfurt Höchst.
31.08.19 Gallery ARTtime Vicolo Pulesi 6 - Udine Italy. Fascino Astratto.
03 - 06.10.19 Art Market Budapest . International Art Fair. Gallery Beck.
05 - 07.12.19 We Contemporary MUSA international Art space. 5TH Edition 2019. Art show in Prague. Topic Salon BRNO Auction House Art consulting Certificate of Participation.
07.2020 Certification by The international Institute for Artist Accreditation. Certified Artist.
10.2020 "W.A.B. - Women Art Bra, Contemporary Art Exhibition for Women, BRA, Italy
27.06.20 Luigi Bellini Museum of Florence. Warehouse 5. Florence, Italy

Laura Arca adores the evocative force of color and lets herself be guided by imagination and experimental will: intense greens, warm and enveloping reds and oranges, blues and blues with oceanic shades delineate the boundaries of the paintings, works that acquire more body and character with the inclusion of other collage materials (fabrics, sand, wooden fragments, metal pieces), fundamental elements that guide the viewer in the magical creative world of the artist.

I see the world as a fascinating composition of colors and elements. I love to collage with different materials, structures and colors, to combine the natural elements ... to feel which color, structure every picture needs I love to create. This is a part of me and I want to leave this to the world.

1. El antifaz, 2020 Acrylic, Collage 70x70 cm., Price €450

2. Pandemia bye-bye, 2020 Acrylic, Collage 120x90 cm., Price €900

3. Rayos, 2020 Acrylic, Collage 70x70 cm., Price €400

4.Mandala 1, 2018 Acrylic, Collage 80x80 cm., Price €600

5.Mandala 2, 2018 Acrylic, Collage 90x120 cm., Price €1200

6. Reconocimiento, 2020 Acrylic, Collage 80x80 cm., Price €700

7. El tiempo, 2018 Acrylic, Collage 80x60 cm., Price €290


8.Julia, 2015 Acrylic, Collage 80x80 cm., Price €470

9.Sexyness, 2020 Acrylic, Collage 60x90 cm., Price €380

10. Universo, 2014 Acrylic, Collage 60x80 cm., Price €270

11. El baile, 2014 Acrylic, Collage 100x70 cm., Price €550

12. Verdillo, 2018 Acrylic, Collage 70x50 cm., Price €270