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Kenan K. I was born on August 11, 1956, in Çorum, Turkey and started oil painting in June 2006. I worked in Hızır Teppeev's atelier in Ankara, Turkey, for two years during the weekends. Now I work as a freelance artist in an old 1926 house in Edremit- Balikesir, Turkey which I restored as an atelier in September 2010.

Artist Statement
It seems that Life is an illusion to be fulfilled as joy or pain, maybe both in changing degrees, in line with an individual's purpose in the World. Then, Art, as a higher level of illusion, should be able to advance or increase the degree of consciousness for all. By doing so, it becomes more meaningful- not only for what it is but for what it serves. Besides our awareness of being a lucky generation, we also have the opportunity to more deeply experience and comprehend the quantum era. This opportunity will have some reflections in Art, and Art will hopefully contribute more to a better World and Universe.

In terms of motivation, "Constructive Freedom" is the essence of my works for energy transfer, since I believe that destruction, by all means, is one of the most significant issues to be tackled in today's World.

In terms of technique, I try to explore my inner World for the harmony of means and ends, using experimentation through the door of intuition.

Since artworks have their paths while coming to fruition, they become separate and independent entities when completed and finished. So allowing them to express themselves may be desirable. Each one of them has a unique way of contact with the Receiver, being in the same ocean of vibrational existence. The more you get into them, the more they will communicate. Please let them speak silently and be ready to explore their adventurous music...


1.Suffocation, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 60x40x8 cm., price NFS

2. Breather, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 78x60x11 cm., price NFS

3.Anima II, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 60x40x11 cm., price NFS

4. Animus II, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 60x40x11 cm., price NFS

5. Infinity within Nihility, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 60x40x7 cm., Price NFS

6. Lochlander III, 2020 Mixed Media, acrylic on Plywood 70x50x4 cm., price NFS

7. Golden Fleece, 2016 Oil-gold (imit) on canvas 60x40 cm., price NFS


8. Coal and fire, 2015 Enamel on canvas 90x135 cm., price NFS

9. Seeing the Tiger, 2018 Oil-enamel-paper pieces on plywood 62x82 cm, price

10. Wondering, 2018 Enamel on canvas 160x110 cm., price

11. Morning Sun, 2015 Enamel on canvas 104x69 cm, price

12. Fading Memories, 2019 Digital Photography on cotton paper 70x100 cm., price