Japan Kei Kato    



1.R-Cosmos, 2003 oil on canvas 46x36 in. /117x91 cm.

2.Gods Conversation, 2003 oil on canvas 24x29 in. /61x73 cm.

3.Big Bang, 2003 oil on canvas 52x76 in. /131x194 cm.

4.A galaxy Station, 2002 oil on canvas 24x36 in. /61x91 cm.

5.Dancing, 2003 oil on canvas 63x51 in. /160,5x130 cm.

Center of Galaxy, 2002 oil on canvas 24x21 in. /61x53 cm.









These works are displayed for my solo exhibition at Westbeth gallery Kozuka, Nagoya in 2003. The exhibitions title is “R-COSMOS”, a fictitious space I envisioned that exists somewhere in the present but it could also exist in a far future or an ancient time. Our visible space exists in a galaxy, and a galaxy exists in a macro space, but in a micro world, another space exists in it. Macro space and micro space become one. These concepts have been with me since I was a child, and they were contributing factors to the decision of the exhibition. When I paint, I take care to cleanse my mind of any excess thought. After having decided a general tendency of a work, I paint without thinking. The intuition is more important than thinking, a work made by intuition has reality, but a work made by thinking is not interesting and does not provide any feeling from itself. I think an excellent expression has deep meaningful meaning, it is crucial and connected to the centre of space. So people feel “love” from these excellent expressions.