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1. Ai Weiwei and the TBathers featuring Mao, 2012 oil on canvas 5x7 ft., US$ 10,000

2.Variation, 2013 oil on canvas 4x6ft., US$ 8,000

3.Paul Selig and the Guides, 2015 oil on canvas 54x60 in., US$ 6,000

4.Green Dali, 2014 oil on canvas 54x60 in., Sold

5.Plastic Landscape, 2004 oil on canvas 32x46 in., US$ 1,500

6.Elegant Plastic Flower, 2004 oil on canvas 32x46 in., US$ 1,500

7. Celebration Dance of Pure Water, 1999 oil on canvas 36x48 in., US$ 2,000


8. Tulips Traveling the Speed of Light, 2010 oil on canvas 36x48 in., US$ 2,000

9.The Alarm is Set for the Green, 2000 oil on canvas 36x60 in., US$ 2,000

10.Venosa, 2015 oil on canvas 54x60 in., US$ 6,000

11.Standing at the Doorway to the Environment, 1998 oil on canvas 36x48 in., US$ 2,000

12..Threat to the Green, 1999 oil on canvas 36x60 in., US$ 3,000



















Light Paintings
Jon Neal was born in Burlington, Iowa. His parents were William P Wallace, and Jean Long. He attended the Academy of Art College, San Francisco, California. He received a BA, MA, and an MFA majoring in art, creative writing, and science. Jon invented a new design principle called, Directions in 2008. He wrote a thesis paper entitled, Design from Light, which was published in 2008 by UMI ProQuest. In Jon's thesis paper, he declares he is an originator of a new design principle. His mentor for the thesis paper, PhD Elden Dale Golden stated, “In his thesis, Jon laid out a new design principle for art entitled Directions which is derived from sacred geometry and the ways that light travels through space.”

The Light series artworks utilize the design principle Directions in them. From 2008 till now each painting uses it. It causes the viewer’s eyesight to follow lines, paint, and color (which are placed on the canvas) in multiple directions. This relates to light traveling in space, thus the name Light series.

Jon's art has been in group and solo shows nationally, and internationally. Most notable shows were Brave Destiny, Brooklyn, NY – WHA Center, 1st floor with surreal masters such as Dali, Giger, Fuchs, Grey, Venosa, and others, Water Exhibition, Lauderdale House, London, England, Inner Eye traveling show with exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria, Sapere Gallery – Chicago, Illinois twice, HR Giger Museum show, Gruyeres, Switzerland, Art Next Gallery, NY, NY, and a Neo Surrealist show - Burlington, Iowa.

Gallery Representation: AdT Gallery, Adele du Tertre owner and director. Paris, France 2010. Adele was a former art collector for the Wildenstein Gallery, London, England. Art Next Gallery, Chelsea, New York, David Rong owner and director. 2010-11 – artist represented there were, Ai Weiwei, Melamid, Mark Echo, Anoton Kandinsky, and other Chinese artists. Light paintings were featured in Churn Magazine 2014, and 2015.

Representation - I AM Group Inc., Clearwater/ St Petersburg, Florida for Environmentals and the Light paintings, 2013 – to present.

Finally, Jon’s painting, Ai Weiwei and the T Bathers featuring Mao was shown in a digital format for a reception by SEE ME at the Louvre Museum Paris, France, also at Art Basil, Miami, White House, and Gallery 4 Times Square, NYC. Art Takes Soho, NY finalist 2018.