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Born in Switzerland, in 1941, to a prominent family of art and antique collectors, seeded the climate for my appreciation of beautiful things. As a child, I accompanied my parents throughout Europe, on buying trips, in search of objects d’art. The arts, music and literature were part of everyday life in our home and certainly, this culturally rich environment contributed to my developing artistic sense.

After acquiring my engineering degree, I came to New York, anxious to learn English and build a life on my own. There I began my life as a sculptor and soon moved to Chicago. “In the early days, my primary sources of knowledge were sculptors interested enough to answer questions. I soon knew the basics and began to sculpt.” I was drawn to and learned the technique of bronze and lost wax casting. Bronze primarily interested me, “because it is the most demanding material which is responsive and sweet to the touch.” I visited museums all over the world and visited the studios of some of the most famous sculptors, such as Pomodoro, Chilida, Ramseyer, Etrog, Henry Moore and others.

Today, years later, my bronzes can be seen in innumerable collections throughout Europe, Japan and the United States. I was commissioned to create the bronze sculpture for the American-Swiss Friendship Award.

Several years ago, dissatisfied with my sculpture’s bases, I bought a granite and marble company, so as to have complete control of my creation.

lost wax is a slow multi-step process that has endured only because of the results…knowing that my sculptures will outlive me provides a comforting whiff of immortality. I believe everyone wants to leave something behind.” A spirit of exacting professionalism and unswerving integrity have guided my life of total artistic dedication and personal expression.

Jean-Jacques Porret is the conductor of a ballet in bronze. Like the classical dance technique, Porret’s surreal sculptures transcend the mere human form they represent, and instead draw the viewer in with their delicate expressionism, rhythmic movement, and abstract sensuality.

To categorize Jean-Jacques’ work as figurative or abstract is moot. Though figurative in practice, the work is never about the figure, but the emotions and ideas shared by the human race, expressed in the tension of his fluid curves and precarious balance. Though abstract in nature, the recognizable form and innate humanity residing within each piece is impossible to ignore. Thus, we are given a case study in restraint, with the artist utilizing the best aspects of each genre without clouding his final result, creating a self-styled harmony Porret simply describes as “rhythm in space”.

The ability to do this in any material is impressive, in bronze, sublime. Only in using the intense processes of the lost-wax technique is Jean-Jacques able to carry out his poetic experiments, the outcome a testimonial to one of nature’s most hard and brittle elements elevated to flowing, enigmatic forms at the hands of man.

Over time, Porret’s work has only become more dramatic in its simplicity, confidence undulating from the figure-shapes, sure of themselves. While his earlier work is more fleshed out, bringing to mind sculptors such as Matisse and Moore and their focus on abstract figures positioned in space and time, it is in Jean-Jacques’ progression that he achieves a true rhythm, with the motion, and emotion, at the core.

As Porret’s experimentation with his iconoclastic style moves forward, the outcomes will undoubtedly continue to serve as a reflection of our collective and personal experiences, possibly changing in shape, but never in sensibility. We can only hope that Jean-Jacques will continue to provide such a beautiful lens through which we can view the fragments of our own humanity.

Jason Myers, Curator, Artist and Galleries owner



1. Desinvolte, 12-2018 cast bronze 20 1/2 height, Price US$20,000.00

2. Nuit d'Amour, 12-2019 Cast Bronze 19 in height, Price US$25,000.00

3. Prelude, 7-2019 Cast bronze 17 1/2 in height, Price US$10,000.00

Onde Fremissante, 2-2020 Cast Bronze 16 1/2 in, Price US$16,000

5. Sweet Dream, 4-2020 Cast Bronze 10x6x5 in. Price US$9,000.00

Fripouille, 4-2020 Cast Bronze 15 1/2 inheight, Price US$16,000.00

Belle du Soir, 5-2020 Cast bronze 21 in height, Price US$28,000.00


8. Fille de Joie, 6-2020 Xast Bronze 15 1/2 in height, Price US$16,000.00

9. The Jive, 6-2020 cast bronze 13 1/2 in height, Price $14,000.00

10. Impulse II, 10-2019 cast bronxe 30 in height, Price US$34,000.00

11. Pervert, 7-2020 Cast bronze 14 in height, Price US$12,000.00

12. Zigoto, 2-2019 Cast bronze 17 in height, Price US$13.000.00