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Bert Hermans is since the end of the eighties a passionate painter and he owns now an atelier at the Vest in the historic city center of Gouda. There his work consists mainly of oil paintings. His mayor theme is industrial and cultural heritage. At the beginning of his painting career he followed different courses in acryl, waterpaint and oil painting at the art school 'Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming Rotterdam'. He further developed his technique by following courses in the atelier of Clara Miedema in Rotterdam.

Bert was nominated in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019 for the Dutch title 'Painting of the year' with regard to his paintings 'Het slachthuis', 'Don't shoot the piano player', 'Kokerein Zollverein 3' and 'The Cathedral'.

Bert was in december 2016 among the 50 artists who were shortlisted as finalists in Artavita’s 21st Online Art Contest and won the title 'Artist of the Month' in April 2017. Bert won the second price during the Annual Dutch Art Fair (ADAF) in October 2018. He was choosen out of 190 artists from 13 countries. Finally in October 2019 Bert has won the ADAF Free Art Service Award. This prize is awarded to senior artist who participated at least 3 times at ADAF exhibitions and who's works are highly appreciated by the jury. Bert has won in 2019 the 'Excellence-Jury-Preis' for his work 'Train missed' in a online contest organised by „Enter into Art – LOUNGE 2“. Finally, Bert received on November 30 2019 at the opening of the exhibition 'The Illusion of Reality' the Award of Excellence .

1.Demolition House, 2019 oil on canvas 80x60 cm., €2150

2. De Pijp, 2019 oil on canvas 60x80 cm., €2290

3. Graffiti House, 2019 mixed media on linen 60x80 cm., €2250

4. Panopticon, 2019 oil on linen 100x120 cm., €4290

5. St Jozef, 2019 oil on linen 70x130 cm., €3450

6. The Cathedral, 2019 oil on canvas 80x60 cm., €2290

7. The Last Civil Servant, 2019 oil on linen 80x60 cm., €2550


8. Time is on my side Panorama inside, , 2019 oil on canvas 80x240 cm., €6700

9. Train missed, 2019 oil on canvas 60x80 cm., €2250

10. Waiting for the Post, 2019 oil on canvas 80x60 cm., €2250

11. Walled Up, 2019 oil on canvas 40x50 cm., €1150

12. Window rope factory Oudedwater, 2019 oil on canvas 80x60 cm., €1950