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1. Apollon III, 2015/16 Serie 1, C-print on Alu-Dibond 160 x 112 cm., Euro 8000.00

2.Bullfight, 2012, C-print on canvas, repainted 60 x 80 cm., Euro 7500.00

3.Cloud shoes, 2018, 3D-print 21 x 32 cm, 2/10, Euro 1600.00

4.Earth Garden, 2008,C-print on canvas, repainted 80 x 60 cm., Euro 4500.00

5.Myself, 2008, C-print on canvas 120 x 83 cm., Euro 4000.00

6.Night, 2008, C-print on canvas 120 x 83 cm., Euro 4000.00

7. Painting on the street, 2010, C-print on canvas, repainted 120 x 150 cm., Euro 8000.00


8. Rita mystic, 2011, C-print on Alu-Dibond 80 x 56 cm., Euro 5000.00

9.Cybertorso, 2008, C-print on Alu-Dibond 190 x 130 cm., Euro 11000.00

10.Sensuality, 2013, C-print on canvas, repainted 72 x 60 cm., Euro 5000.00

11.The shroud, 2009, C-print on canvas, repainted 240 x 175 cm., Euro 15000.00

12..Sunrise in Italy – The studio of Leonardo, 2016 C-print on canvas, repainted 272 x 556 cm., Euro 25000.00



















Heinz Allemann was born on the 29. September 1955 in Klus-Balsthal, Switzerland as a son of a metalworker.

My art is like the roots of a tree. A tree does not look the same in the spring as it does in the winter. In the spring the tree looks full of details and classical, in the winter rather abstract because of the snow. One does not know exactly what a flower will look like when it is planted.

The form and the exact color. I think it is important for an artist to think about nature and see how nature creates. Sometimes I like to paint with oil and other times with watercolor. At times I like to go outside in nature and paint a landscape or draw.

Other days I make original-hand-pulled prints or digital work. I live in a universal art chaos surrounded by color implements.

There is nothing which I have not tried out yet with all the different colors and mixing techniques and my moods.