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1.Catch of the day, oil on canvas 80x80 cm, Euro 3000.00

2.The ruler, acrylic on canvas 80x80 cm., Euro 3000.00

3.Mystic Abyss, acrylic on canvas 50x50 cm., 2500.00

4.Snake versus King Froggy, acrylic on canvas 80x80 cm., Euro 3000.00

5.The halls of amenti , oil on canvas 80x80 cm., Euro 3000.

6.Passion, oil on canvas 90x90 cm., Euro 5000.00

Der Schamane, acrylic on canvas 50x70 cm., Euro 3500.00

8.Lord of the desert, oil on canvas 50x70 cm. Euro 1200.00

9.Die Heilerin, drawing, 72x57 cm. NFS

10.Mitternacht im Elfenwald, oil on canvas 40x100 cm., Euro 5000.00

11.Downtown, oil on canvas 30x180 cm., Euro 2900.00

12.Hueter des Waldes, drawing 21x30 cm., Euro 1200.00


















1985 – 1986 Feusi school, Bern, Switzerland
1986 – 1987 creche, clinique Reichenbach, Meiringen, Switzerland
1987 – 1990 education for preschool teacher, seminar Spiez, Switzerland
1990 – 2000 preschoolteacher, Münschtemier, Switzerland
1996 one year working and travelling in Australia
2000 – 2007 artstudio in Bern, Switzerland
2008 – 2011 education ibc Institute, therapist for reincarnation and trauma therapy, Flums
2008- 2018 artstudio and own practice for holistic and art therapy, Innerberg, Switzerland

2011 Art domain gallery, Leipzig
2018 art3f Cannes, France
2000 - 18 several art exhibitions in Switzerland, Greece


b. 02.08.1969, Meiringen, Switzerland
Since she was a little girl, Diana Anderegg was fascinated of colors, forms, symbols, mystic stories and different kind of materials to create her own universe. Thanks of a home with lots of space, a very big garden, surrounded by wild nature with rivers and mountains and an old barn with a huge amount of different kind of things in it, she was creating her artwork every free minute of her time.

She spent her days inspired of her visions and working with driftwood, metal, paper, feathers, glass, shells, plastic parts, stones and what ever she could find around her.

Later she started to teach children in her preschool classes. She worked ten years as a teacher, but to create her own art was always on her mind. Her paintings are headstrong, charismatic and colorful. Some artworks are complemented with three-dimensional details, which are giving a unique and mystic touch to her paintings.

The complete work of Diana Anderegg is a mixture of black and white drawings, sketches, oil paintings, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, wood, or metal support. Further different kinds of photos and a series of light objects.

Today she is working as a passionate artist, therapist and shamanic healer in her own practice in Innerberg, Switzerland.
Diana is connecting her art skills with her second profession to support people in a holistic and creative way.

More and more her art transforms into „Spiritual-Art“ with shamanic symbols, healing energy and medial painting as well.

To see this world as a magic place, life as a miracle and to celebrate it with a firework of colors that is her passion