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Artist Statement
Derwin Leiva was born in Cuba in 1978 where music was part of his daily life. In
1995 he moved to Miami and in 2004 to Hawaii where he currently resides. He studied
art at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Linekona School and completed his BFA with
Sculpture concentration at the University of Hawaii Manoa.

Although his work has been influenced by artists like Picasso, Boccioni, and
Wifredo Lam; Cuban music has always been a constant backdrop to his work. Through
the use of rhythm and motion in his work he mirror the experience of freedom found
through Cuban music.

He has participated in several international exhibitions including International
Biennale Barcelona, Spain and Biennale Internazionale D’Arte Contemporanea 2019 in
Mantova, Italy. His work has been displayed at the MEAN (European Museum of Modern
Art) and the Diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga.

His work has been published by Exquisite Arts Magazine, Create Magazine,
Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine, Art International Contemporary Magazine and
several books like Important World Artist 3, Current Masters 4, Masters of Today and 100
Artist of the Future.

Leiva’s work has been recognized internationally and most recently he received the “International Caravaggio Prize – Great Master of the Art,” “The International Botticelli
Award,” Artexpo New York “Best New Exhibitor,” “The International Diego Velazquez
Prize,” “The International Michelangelo Award” and he was recognized at Mantua Art
Expo as “Artist of the Year 2019.”


1. 90 Miles, 2019 Oil on Canvas 35.8x29.9 in. | 91x76 cm.

2. Across the Bridge, 2020 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 In.

3. Amor de Balcones, 2019 Oil on Canvas 36 x 30 In.

4. Café Metela, 2018 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 In.

5. La Pianista, 2019 Oil on Canvas 36 x 30 In.

6. La Vendedora de Flores, 2019 Oil on Canvas 36 x 30 In.

7. Music for Two, 2019 Oil on Canvas 60 x 84 In.


8. The Blue Guitar, 2018 Oil on Canvas 60-x-48 In.

9. The Celebration, 2017 Oil on Canvas 108 x 168 In.

10. The Living Room, 2020 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 In.

11. The Market" Derwin Leiva, 2020 Oil on Canvas 38.9x35.8 in. | 99x91 cm.

12. The Violinist, 2018 Oil on Canvas 60 x 48 In.