1. calculated trajectory to heaven, 2006 enamel and marker pen on aluminium 26x20 in. / 67x50 cm.

2. Village idiot, 2006 enamel on aluminium 26x20 in. / 67x50 cm.

3. F.I.L.T.H, enamel and DYMo labels on Board 122x101 cm. / 48x40 in.

THE EXTRACTION OF SOUL, 2006 enamel on board 122x101 cm. / 48x40 in.








Following post-graduate training in UK, Germany and USA, to counteract an anarchic 6 years, I embraced a Far Eastern variation of meditative visualisation. Hence, the following paintings represent meditation’s of split second thoughts from the unconscious, which were subsequently elaborated on consciously. The conscious meaning behind the paintings concerns the subtle ability of the media to “hypnotise to tranquilise”, in that it portrays an often gift wrapped pseudo version of reality. Painting themes, on a wider scale try to de-fragment and re-interpret these zeitgeist issues, be it through autopsy of celebrity or raising of contentious issues. In terms of aesthetics, spontaneity prevails, whilst the enamel paint gives access to a more industrial bright crisp finish, unachieved through traditional oil and acrylic paint. I aim to provide a refreshing alternative to the widespread ostentatious minimalist daubs of many contemporary artists flooding the market today; I offer a unique idiosyncratic pleasure to the eye. Although open to different interpretations, the core successes of these paintings are their ability to be a direct coherent expression of me. After a self-imposed restriction of public exposure to my paintings, I’m endeavouring to pursue exhibition opportunities and interest shown from galleries from London and New York in 2007.