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1. Born in Israel in 1945 to an art loving family.

2.FERTILITY, 2002 Bronze sculpture 30x38 cm., US$ 4.500

3.LOVE (To Meirav), 2004 Bronze sculpture 80x60 cm., US$ 15.200

4.MUSICAL FAMILY, 2018 Ceramic sculpture 54x37 cm., US$ 3.600

5.Pay It Forward, 2015 Bronze sculpture 130x57 cm., US$ 13.000

6.PREGNANCY, 2003 Bronze sculpture 38x45 cm., US$ 4.500

7. SADNESS, 2004 Bronze sculpture 25x23 cm., US$ 3.100


8. STERILITY, 2002 Bronze sculpture 35x40 cm., US$ 3.500

9.WITH MOM, 2018 Bronze sculpture 30x35 cm., US$ 3.600

10.THE WINNING LAWYER, 2004 Bronze sculpture 49x28 cm., US$ 3.400

11.THE SENIOR PARTNER, 2004 Bronze sculpture 44x32 cm., US$ 3.600

12.Installation, VANISHING MEMORY, 2007 Bronze sculpture, Perspex and Iron 90x90x100x110 cm. / photo 1x2 cm. US$ 40.000



















Born in Israel in 1945 to an art loving family. Grew up in Kibbutz Sarid, lives and works now in Kiryat-Tivon, Israel. Daniela Amet, an autodidact artist, always has been creative in various forms of art, started to exhibit on 1995. Daniela has her own language in sculptures and her own way to deliver her feelings and thoughts thought forms and colors.

"The subjects of her works derive from her life experience. Driven by reflection and sensation, she chooses subjects she can easily identify with, such as women, children, and more abstract forms, which serve as vehicles for the expression of sensations and ideas."

Since the beginning Daniela exhibited in about 50 solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Paris and Louvre Expo, France- Vancouver, Canada- Florence, Ferrara, Venice and Palermo, Italy- N.Y. and Miami, USA. She exhibits works in clay and bronze. In 2009 spent a month as a resident in Artcroft residency program in Kentucky USA.

Works in public domains: Shiba hospital in Tel–Aviv Israel the sculpture "Feeling"- (Love)
and Kibbutz Yahel in Israel - the sculpture "Dessert Dweller"

Featured in books: ARTS- le livre des artistes Israeliens: LA GAZETTE DES ARTS. Paris; CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS OF TODAY 2008-2009 bibliotheca de artistes de las comounidades europeas; Creativ Artists-100 years to Tel-aviv—Jaffa; Berliner 17– By Art Management Berlin; “Inspiration International Art Book” 2017.

Prizes: Artists at the jubilee- Michelangelo prize 2016-ROME ITALY;Prize Artists at the Castle 2016, Nerola, ITALY