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Statement: Cornelia Regine Prawitt`s work is devoted to represent the task of the non-visible pictorially, that is, the thing which constantly surrounds us and is even a part of ourselves. Her works are usually created in long painting processes. After the first layers of colours and forms have been applied to the canvas, the artist embarks on a search for the given and the hidden. To picture the discovered and recognized themes, the artist should often develop several shades of colours. In the painting process, spontaneous ideas must “grow into” an image composition, the goal of which is in the end to function as a perfect unity, which combines exciting colour harmonies. Themes that personally interest the artist can also serve as an idea for painting. The words of Paul Klee (1879 – 1940) “Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible”, aptly describe her concerns. Even if something remains deliberately as an implication, this precisely illustrates that, inside the non-visible there exist movement and change, and that, these changes are laws of nature or that, image fragments only show parts of a whole. The dimension we cannot see but feel is the source of her inspiration, as well as the myths, legends, and hidden truths such as the cosmic context in which man is involved and expresses itself in everyday life. For instance, a substantive aspect of her work originates from nature.

Press: The work of the artist Cornelia Regine Prawitt lives from a cheerful color with hints of Expressionism. They blend visually into the tradition of Art Informel with a convincing own imagery. Her works reveal a high mastery in the mastery of the line as well as in dealing with contrasting color harmonies.
H. M. 2016.

Prawitt was born in 1965 in Kirchheim/Teck in Germany. From 1985 – 89 she studied painting at the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen and completed her studies until 1998 with an art education course. In 1989 she graduated as a certified art educator her second degree. In 2006 she founded her own painting school, which she has been successfully managing since then. Her works are exhibited worldwide and have received multiple awards.

“Art does not reflect the visible, but makes visible.” Paul Klee (1879 – 1940) This quotation aptly describes the concern of the artist Cornelia R. Prawitt because it dedicates itself to the task of the invisible, which surrounds us constantly, indeed, that is even a part of ourselves, to express painterly.

1.- COSMICALLY FORCES, 2019 Acrylic colours, Indian ink on Water Colour Paper 48x36 cm., US$ 6700.00

2. - BUILDING BRIDGES FOR PEACE, 2019 Acrylic, Indian ink on water colour paper 50x60 cm., US$ 6400.00

3. - PRINCIPLE OF SUN AND MOON, 2010 oil on canvas 116x89 cm., US$ 6200.00

4. - COSMOS III, 2011 acrylic on canvas 130x100 cm,, US$ 6700.00

5. - SOARING UP 2014 acrylic on canvas 100x80 cm., US$ 6700.00

6. - DAY AND NIGHT, 2019 Ink pen, Acrylic marker, acrylic on watercolour paper 60x50 cm., US$ 5400.00

7. - KOI IN GOLDEN LIGHT, 2009 oil on canvas 120x100 cm., US$ 5700.00


8. - AT THE BEGINNING OF HUMAN HISTORY, 2011 mixed media on canvas 100x70 cm., US$ 7900.00

9. - SPRING AWAKENING, 2019 Acrylic colours, watercolour pencils, Indian ink. Fine liner on watercolour paper 56x50 cm., US$ 7700.00

10. - ENCODED, 2013 oil on canvas 80x60 cm., US$ 1400.00

11. - DAWN OF DAY, 2019 acrylic on canvas 120x80 cm., US$ 1400.00.

12. - JCONVERSION, 2017 Acrylic on canvas 120x80 cm., US$ 1700.00