Canada Barbara McGivern    



1.Carnavale Valencia, Acrylic on canvas and gold leaf 48x48 in. / 122x122 cm.

2.This Must be Kansas, Acrylic on canvas and  gold leaf 54x60 in. / 153x183 cm.

3.Lemoncello on the Rocks, Acrylic on canvas  and  gold leaf 54x60 in. / 153x183 cm.

4.The Night of the Party, Acrylic on canvas  and gold leaf 48x60 in. / 122x153 cm.

5.Red Follies, Acrylic on canvas  and  gold leaf 60x60 in. / 153x153 cm.

Spaces with a Single Voice, Acrylic on canvas  and  gold leaf 48x60 in. / 122x153 cm.









Barbara McGivern’s paintings were exhibited in Audart’s “TNT” exhibition in the Spring of 1996. In the Fall of 1997, Barbara McGivern, in collaboration with Alice Burton, created an audio-visual installation for Audart’s “Art & Technology Circus”. Barbara has traveled extensively, gaining inspiration for her paintings, including those in her “Extraordinary Journey” series. She has had solo exhibitions at the Dovehouse Gallery in London, England; Quan Schieder Fine Art in Toronto, Ontario; Westdale Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario; The Teodora Art Gallery in Toronto, Ontario; The Ozten Zeki Gallery in London, England and many others. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions around the world.