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Fluidly intermingling into expressive canvases, Aline Pouget is inspired by nature and her masterful works are a visual syntax ranging from abstract compositions which reflect an organic universe. Through amorphous shapes and a windstorm of color and texture, the pictorial world is the major important element of her multitudinous universe. Focused on the natural frenzies of the world, Aline Pouget’s nature tableaux are a fantasia of hues made visible through luminous color and rippling motion of brushstrokes. Articulating perceptual color theories into abstracted impressions, they reflect an illuminated sensorial caldron of hues. The artist states: "My happiness and my fulfillment are to share my passion, my love of life, the universe, the colors, the light and my multiple emotions with others through my work.”

Revelatory and reflective, the vortex of her compositions serves to underscore a love of nature and interpretations can vary from palliative and pristine to deeply immersive and profound. In layers, hues and form, the artist unveils the many gifts nature has bestowed upon us. Illuminating the sensorial and juxtaposing them into vividly tangible scenes, she bridges the worlds of realism and abstraction, as her paintings detail her visceral responses to the universe. By turning those elements into dreamlike natural reveries, the spectator is drawn into the centrifugal force of these dreamscapes. With a rainbow of colors, the artist employs a palette of bright and monochromatic shades which provide each painting a vibrant sense of life and is enhanced by her dynamic style of composition and energetic brushstrokes. A powerful sense of motion and emotion reverberate in her oeuvre, along with a unique sense of perspective and scale.

Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of nature, international award-winning painter Aline Pouget has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and has embarked on a painting career which has catapulted her to a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. This masterful artist has enjoyed numerous successful exhibitions throughout Europe, including London, Paris, Vienna and Italy and the U.S., and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across the world, is affirmation of her continually expanding reputation.

Aline Pouget was born in France and from a very young age, her passion led her to create mesmerizing watercolor landscape paintings. Later Aline’s work focused on space and color. After some enriching time, she turned to painting, first using watercolors, then oil on canvas, which is still the technique she uses to date.
Aline’s first wave of printing emphasizes her love for the wonders of nature symbolized through colorful and bright landscapes as well as navies.
Aline's second wave of impressions allows her to translate and share all her emotions through the infinite shades of colors and the capture of the light that surrounds us.
The third wave of Aline translates into its interest in cities that are metamorphosed throughout the day and time
Her last wave depicts space and the meandering path of the cosmos. Her work reflects her passion for both colors and endless, infinite universe around us.

Aline exposed to:

• MAD in Milan all year round 2018

Art Shopping Deauville in March 2018

• Art Expo New York in April 2018

• Art Shopping Carousel du Louvre in Paris in May 2018

• Thuillier Gallery in Paris in September 2018

Forecasts are, for the moment:

PAKS gallery in Vienna all year round 2019

• Artefact Gallery in New York in October 2019

  Steiner Gallery in Vienna in April 2020

Aline's works are also published in the following editions:

• Important Word Artist Volume 3, September 2018, from the World Wide Art Books Society of Santa Barbara

Artist, December 2048, in the Master Of Today series of London's Word Of Art

My happiness and my fulfillment are to share my passion, my love of life, the universe, the colors, the light and my multiple emotions with others through my work.


1. Contrastes lumineux dans le Cosmos, 2019 Oil on Canvas 54x73 cm., €18000


2. Naissance d'une étoile, 2019 Oil on Canvas 38x46 cm., €12000


3. Hymne à la joie, 2019 Oil on Canvas 54x73 cm., €16000


4. Lumières jaunes dans le cosmos, 2019 Oil on Canvas 65x81 cm., €25000


5. Vague, 2019 Oil on Canvas 54x73 cm., €27000


6. Lumières vertes dans I'espace, 2018 Oil on Canvas 73x100 cm., €30000


7. Bing Bang, 2017 Oil on Canvas 81x100 cm., €28000

8. ETINCELLES | Explosion of light and sparks of hope in the dark, 2014 oil on canvas 37.4x25.5 in. | 95x65 cm., €28000

9. FUNNY TOWN | Artistic view of a city in its colors and its movement, 2016 oil on canvas 25.5x21.2 in. | 65x54 cm., €28000

10. Lumière dans I'univers, 2018 Oil on Canvas 73x91 cm., €7000

11. Venise, 2012 oil on canvas 92x65 cm., €28000

12. Nébuleuse, 2018 Oil on Canvas 81x100 cm., €28000

13.  BUISSON ARDENT | Autumnal walk in the forest, 2012 oil on canvas 14.9x18.1 in. | 38x46 cm., €28000


14. BUISSON FLORAL | Abstract expression of a bush of flowers, 2013 oil on canvas 16.1x18.1 in. | 41x33 cm., €28000

15. ESPERANCE | Rays of hope in the night, 2014 oil on canvas 18.1x14.9 in. | 46x38 cm., €28000

16. CITY | Sunset over the city, 2015 oil on canvas 31.8x25.9 in. | 81x65 cm., €28000

17.  Couleurs | work on the colors and their brightness, 2014 oil on canvas 31.3x21.5 in. | 81x55 cm., €28000


18. lnfini, 2018 Oil on Canvas 81x100 cm., €40000