Switzerland     Alexandra Winterberg    

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1.News 1, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

2.News 2, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

3.News 3, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

4.News 4, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

5.News 5, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

6.News 6, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

7. News 7, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00


8. News 8, collage ink photo 60x80 cm., $.1.200.00

9.headlines 2, collage on canvas, ink 80x80x4 cm., $.1.500.00

10.big headlines, collage, ink, canvas 200x150x5 cm., $4.000.00

11.six pillowcases, collage, ink, cotton 50x40 cm., $2.300.00

12..Headline pillowcases, collage, ink on cotton 50x40 cm., $400.00


















Heinz Headlines (or fake news):
Consuming the news today means that we are highly manipulated and left to our own personal reception which will be projected into society life! Newspapers are regaining confidence versus internet (authors are more in focusing and more responsible)! I am working on the psychological procedures of manipulated informations! I am ignoring Pulitzers influence on marking the newspapers!

My artworks:
Hand written headlines in an algorithmique manner, ignoring letter-seizing, written in mirror-writing, collaged on torn newspaper strips marks the consumed information! The reception and projections is shown by retraced letters in color ink! Todays dependency of algorithm and facts, distributed in the world net, gives a most unexpected re-trust in newspaper (could be caught by the law for lying) ! Fake news are the subject.


Born in 1968 Hamburg Germany.
1992 USA: Savannah College of Art and Design painting /interior design (Deans List of Artist)
1994 Germany: Dipl.Ing Interior design FH Rosenheim
2000 Germany: Dipl.Ing Architecture FH Hamburg
2004-2013 Austria: Akademie of Salzburg, Academy of Bad Reichenhall
2013 Switzerland: since lives and works in Geneva

Choice of Exhibitions
2017 Switzerland: Manoir de Cologny, Genčve „Protagonist”
2017 Switzerland: Villa Dutoit Geneva “Portrait”
2016 Switzerland: Geneva Villa Dutoit „ carte postal“
2016 Italy: Milan Galerie Openart „trasparenze“
2016 France Evian Galerie 29 „ entract“
2016 Italy Milan CCB8 Openart groupshow
2015 Austria Vienna Italienisches Kulturinstitut „Atlante dell’ Nuvole“
2015 Switzerland Geneva Usine Kugler „real dream“
2015 Norway Artgalleri Kunsthandel Sandjeford „ people of New York“
2015 France Samoens „Sociéte des Macon“ Ecurie du vieille Chateau
2015 Italy winner of international competition„Open Art Milano“CCBA 7
2015 Italy Turin Palazzo Lomellini Carmagnolo „Silenzi“
2015 Italy “to me you are perfect“ Openart Milano groupe exebition
2015 Switzerland Geneva espace Kugler „D-placement“
2014 Germany Hamburg Bucerius Kunstforum
2014 Benefizauktion Christies for „Bridging the gap“
2014 Italy „Silenzio“ Moleto Ecomuseo della Pietra da Cantoni
2014 Rosso Vivo“ Castello di Casale
2013 Italy Museo di Sienze Naturali Turin „ Rosso Vivo“
2013 Art Brescia „il sogno dell Aqua“
2013 „Atlante dell’ Nuvole“ Moleto Ecomuseo Pietra da Cantoni
2013 „Atlante dell’ Nuvole“ Palazzo Vitta Casale Piemont
2013 „V-Art in the City“ Palazzo Monferrato Alessandria
2013 Switzerland Geneva Villa Dutoit „Tissu“
2013 France Paris, Galerie Martine Moisan“
2013 Germany „Vivo Rosso IIG Köln ital. Kulturinstitut
2012 Italy Turin Palazzo Lascaris (Governement of Piemont)
2012 „Vivo Rosso“ Moleto Ecomuseo della Pietra daCantoni
2012 Palazzo Vitta Casale di Monferrato
2012 Switzerland Geneva, Rue Tabazan
2011 Italy Milano N.O.A Showroom
2011 „Il sogno dell’ Aqua“ Moleto Ecomuseo Ottiglio
2011 Castello di Casale, Monferrato Piemont
2010 Austria Vienna Loft Art
2010 Italy Theatro municipale Casale Monferrato
2010 Piemont Ecomuseo della pietro da Cantoni Ottiglio
2010 Austria Ecocenter Innsbruck
2009 France Paris Galerie Martine Moisan
2009 Italy Piemont Ecomuseo Ottiglo
2009 Germany Munich Pathos Theater
2008 Austria Salzburg Hohe Festung Summerfestival
2008 Germany Munich Neuland Kunst
2007 Switzerland Zurich e-Motion Showroom
2006 Austria Innsbruck Institut botanic